10 Things to Know Ahead of OSU's Road Tilt vs. Boise State

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Everything to know ahead of Saturday.

Turnovers aren’t going to play a major factor if the offense can’t score.

They will have their top back back.
D needs to catch balls thrown at them.
Like always limit turnovers.
Hope we limit bone head plays too.

The odd logic by Joey

That’s not odd logic. If the offense isn’t taking advantage of the defense forcing turnovers, it won’t matter. Joe is right. Look at us vs Texas and TCU last year. The turnover situations were crazy. We still struggled IIRC.

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So r d not scoring pic 6. Is not good.
One thing I’ve talked about is r d under Knowles has not got alot of pics.
I’m glad there r more then one idiot out there.

I don’t think we made Texas turn the ball over at all but we gave it up to them 4 times. TCU we forced 4 turnovers compared to giving up 1 and still lost. The offense seems even worse this year is the most unfortunate part.

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I guess the defense is all the way with u.
2 dropped pics and a dumb holding to bring back a pic six.

All we are going to do is waste time on offense and give the ball right back to them for another chance to score. About the only thing it’s going to do is give the defense a brief rest.

So u dnt want the defence to get a rest.

3 and out isn’t the rest they deserve but it’s all they get most drives.

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I would have correct travis but logic is out the window rite now.

Your blaming the defense when it’s obvious that is the best situation on this team right now. The offense not being able to move the ball and the special teams starting the season off with muffed returns and missed extra points would be more of a concern in my opinion. Not saying the defense could be better, but it’s obvious to anyone watching this football team that’s the least thing anyone should be worried about.

It’s better then a poke in the eye

A poke in the eye would be better than the kick in the nuts they’re currently getting.


The defense is nice. It’s kind of like a pay back. So yes I’ve seen some terrible d played. So start playing better d.

The defense is giving up 16 points a game so far. I think they’re playing just fine.

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As the words of Joey, we haven’t played anyone.
So in the word of Jeff they suck.

Jug has not once said a nice word about the d, so they must suck.
Joey said with out the extra time the defense gets malcolm wouldn’t make plays.
These are ur people logan. I’m just showing what they think.

Your blaming the defense when it’s been obvious they are the reason for both wins, but let’s not blame the offense that’s only put up 5 touchdowns in 2 games against the likes of Missouri State and Tulsa.