10 Things to Know Ahead of OSU's Road Tilt vs. Boise State

The higher the monkey climbs the tree, the more you can see his assss

It’s Knowles defense. Gundy made a great hire with him but the defense success is because of Knowles.

Ok jeffie

So yes Gundy’s defense.

Ok Roberto. Gundy’s offense and play calling sucks sh1t then.

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Now ur just being captain obvious. Problem is the higher he goes the more leaves will cover his ess

Then? is this something new u discovered.

Nope the tree has bag worms

No leaves

He better come down and get a coat it’ll be cold soon

U didn’t say it was a nut tree. But, I should have known coming from u.

That why your in the tree because your a nut

Remember when u are checking the monkey’s ess out close ur eyes, so as not to get chit in the eyes.

And yet it wasn’t the vaunted offense that won either of those games for us.

Ur the one that calls the defense great and playing no body.
U asked what the d has done wrong. I forgot the holding call to take points off.

Well we have played nobody, but that defense has looked better against a nobody than our offense has so far.

It was the defense that was forced to make a stand deep in the 4th quarter against Mizzou St because the offense sucks chit so bad they can’t get 10 yards on 4 tries against a 1AA school.

It was the defense that held Tulsa to 16 points and stopped a 2 point conversion. Our offense gave Tulsa 7 points and if the special teams doesn’t get lucky and run a touchdown back in a return we lose that game.

So go ahead and daydream like Joe Biden and continue to live in a false reality. The rest of us will continue to call out the problem.

The 2 pt. Conversion was the special team.
Joey u are such a loser. I have no problems with the d.
But ur obsession has u in an tissy.
U aren’t going to talk about any thing new we mite call it a day.

Joey that actually scares me. Thinking of u leading a group to find reality.

It’s been obvious for a while but since it’s Gundy’s defense it’s also Gundy’s offense. And it is putrid.

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I will call out the Defense if they play a really chitty game. I don’t have any problem doing that. The problem with you is you are calling out the defense when it’s clear the abundance of problems is on the offensive side of the ball. All we are asking you to do is be reasonable and logical about the situation.

It’s a very stupid and naive thing to blame the best unit you have for all the problems of the team. Nobody said the defense was perfect, but I think it’s pretty clear to any reasonable and logical person watching the games so far that the defense is the least of the problems right now.

Anyone with a brain watching the game last week knows that the defense and specials teams were the reasons for the win, and it was our offense keeping Tulsa in the game.