10 Thoughts on Oklahoma State’s 32–24 Victory against Texas

From CBS Sports: “The Cowboys are in the driver’s seat to reach the Big 12 title game, but there’s little chance they can actually compete with Oklahoma if the quarterback play is going to be a disaster. Oklahoma State has held every team it’s faced to 24 points or fewer, but Sanders is the piece clearly holding OSU back.”

Truth hurts.


i wish corndog were here … he was way underrated

So I’m curious, for you Gundy haters, when the game announcers say things like Mike Gundy has executed a brilliant tactical game plan today. Do you yell at the TV or throw up a little in your mouth?!? :wink:

2 weeks ago that’s what everybody was saying about Alabama too.

What was everybody saying about Bama two weeks ago?

The truth does hurt and I have been critical of our version Spencer ‘Rattled’ all season. There is a counter truth. IF, a big if that has me searching for a font size button, if Spencer Sanders just becomes consistent, if his second half play in Austin becomes the norm… if he is Spencer ‘Sanded’, removing the rough edges, instead of Spencer ‘Rattled’… then we have a punchers chance. Good luck to Mr Sanders!!!

The Texas game was the first time we actually had the look of a top 25 team. Yet, with only 3 or 4 Top 10 caliber teams it seems in FBS, here we are. GO POKES!!!

So who’s the next QB up? Shane? Gunner? Rangel?

The same people announcing the game are the same people that know little about him and how he consistently operates.

What makes me want to throw up in my mouth, is watching an offense struggle to score one touchdown through three quarters, against a team that ranks 107th in total defense.

Ethan Bullock

I laugh every time someone mentions Ethan Bullock.
Shane, no way.
Gunner, years away from being allowed to take a snap.
And what is a Gunner, anyway? Is that some kind of Scandinavian name?
For that matter, what is a Gundy?
And Rangel could turn into a what could have been because of his ACL.
Not a promising next man up list. As Gundy has stated each season, a team is only as good as its QB.
Only hope is that some really good QB got stuck with a team who has an even better QB and there is little chance for that second guy to ever start so he enters the magical portal and wants to be a Cowboy just so he can have the rare opportunity to throw to a pair of twins. So all is not bad.