10 Thoughts on Oklahoma State, Texas A&M and the Texas Bowl

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A look back at the season finale and a look ahead to some big NFL decisions.

Missing in your 10 thoughts is how badly the two missed field goals hurt in a 3 point loss. Our special teams were again “special” and not in a good way.

Thanks for the 10 thoughts after each game. Always enjoy reading them.


Two missed FGs and a key moment of not calling a timeout killed us.

Sanders is way too greedy when it comes to a RPO.

But when we ran the slant we scored! I’ve been saying it all year, it’s the one thing we’ve gotten away from since Blackmon left. The slant pulls out the LBs and brings up the safeties. Unfortunately, we seem to think the lob fade is the best play in our playbook.


Even if Chuba and Tylan return, this team is not competing for a conference title. This team can’t overcome bad coaching.

I think Tylan comes back next year. After tearing his ACL I think his draft stock will plummet so he’ll come back to prove he’s healthy I think that would be smart. As for Chuba I don’t really know why he would comeback he’s done about all he can do here but in the same breath I don’t know why he would risk playing the bowl game if he wasn’t thinking about coming back.

I’ve come to a conclusion. If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll continued to get what you’ve always got. Gundy has been the coach at OSU for 15 years, and during that time they’ve averaged 8.5 wins a season. Gundy’s not going to become a better coach all of a sudden. You’ve gotten what you’re going to get out of him. A slightly above average coach and a slightly above average football team. And apparently that’s good enough. It’s been good enough for 15 years.

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I’m not sure where the innovative play caller we were “promised” is… maybe he forgot to move from New Jersey to Stillwater but it seemed like if a play worked that he wouldn’t go back to it. We have speed at the receiver position but throw more PA slants!!! If Chubba is in the backfield he is going to get more attention than any wide out (especially when 2 is missing). This is something we did so well in years past but the last 2 OCs haven’t used this weapon… I mean name a team that hasn’t lulled is to sleep with 4-5 yard passes then killed us deep or ran the ball for a chunk play??? I mean it doesn’t seem that difficult right?

When you say “best big 3 in the conference” do you mean Chuba, Tylan, and Sanders? I agree on Chuba and Tylan but Sanders isn’t a top QB in any league at this point. I hope he gets there.

But there’s not a better combo. If you have the No. 1 WR, No. 1 RB and No. 4 (?) QB, your average is No. 2. Nobody else is averaging the No. 2 player at those positions with their trio.

I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt on him becoming the number 4 QB.

For me personally…the 1st time EVER I feel indifferent about 2020 & FB Program. I dont know exactly why? The optimizim is not there…when I try to pinpoint why…I keep coming back to Gundy …I just do not see him making the necessary moves in order to get better…took him 10 seasons and huge Fan criticism before he started playing OU aggressively…now he shows zero creativity in game plans …he has become so predictable … I am about as blaise about 2020 as a person can get …:sleeping::rofl:
When everyone in the stadium knew SS was going to run it when he came in …sure enough that’s what Gundy did …

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They came out hot, had the TO game working, got ahead by two scores, and floundered until they were gassed and couldn’t execute what they wanted on the lines. Not good, but we don’t have the same ‘one’ talent or the depth without kicking them in the mouth and being effectively adaptable. A backup QB and missing WR1 doesn’t allow much room for mistakes.

I’m not defending Gundy but your views are slanted. If you remove the first season, which is fair, he is winning 9 games a season. He also is coaching for OSU, not a destination spot for recruits, and has taken little known players (not major recruits) and has that 9 game record. Say what you want but you’ll find few coaches that can take non-recruited players (ie Blake Jarwin from Tuttle OK) and put them into the NFL.