10 Thoughts on Oklahoma State's 20-13 Win Over West Virginia

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OSU is (somehow) 8-3 on the season with Bedlam on deck.

This was a big time road win. A team built on triplets has quickly had to execute a change to a one-man band style. And they did it. Great second half by the offense and defense to get it done!


Hi Kyle - Just FYI. Your article says Doege is a freshman, but he’s a junior transfer from Bowling Green.

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So happy to see Woods get a touchdown. I’m thinking he’ll be the next Blake Jarwin once he leaves: Underused by design here, but primed and ready for the typical NFL style of play.

This win feels good, despite how ugly it was offensively. Nine wins incoming, whether it’s in Stillwater or the bowl game.

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I don’t understand the thought that Hubbard is done after this year. I love the guy but I don’t believe he will be projected for the first two rounds. He has blinding speed, but hasn’t developed the strength that he needs to compete at the next level yet. Those that succeed in the NFL without exceptional strength are blessed with extraordinary quickness, which is different than speed. Just my opinion. He needs another year of development. J

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yeah they have been getting lazier since PFB started making more money. Pretty sure moving the comment section to the chamber was also another attempt to get more people to sign up for PFB+

Fixed, thank you!

Heaven forbid we try and build a business that serves quality OSU content to OSU fans for a long time.


I’m a fan of Jelani and would like to see him used more but watching what little I could of him during the last game I wonder if he has the ability to get free on his own…

He gets free pretty often. It’s just that he either gets overlooked for Tylan (fair), or isn’t as downfield as other receiving options.

With that said, I feel like he’s still underutilized, ala Jarwin — and look at what he’s doing now in Dallas.

Woods lumbers. He doesn’t run near as well as Jarwin does.

Don’t we have a redshirted 4 star running back by the name of Deondrick Glass waiting to replace Chuba should he go into the NFL next year? Has anyone heard any news updates about Glass?