10 Thoughts on Oklahoma State's 20-18 Victory against Kansas State

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The Cowboys survive a close one in Manhattan.

I really do not have a problem with the 4th down call to punt. I have always criticized Gundy for being too conservative but that was always when we had great offenses and bad defenses. Teams with good defenses and bad offenses should be more conservative and Gundy is leaning into that hard.

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“Receivers have a stereotype of being emotional me-guys. Wallace isn’t that.” GREAT line!!

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Considering the unbelievable amount of injuries to so many key players I can’t find fault with the way the team played. Just the opposite. Outstanding come from behind victory and this time luck was riding with the Cowboys. LD Brown played great for someone who because of injuries should not even have been in the game. He had to do it all with a banged up O-line. If we had our key players in there we probably would have rolled over K State instead of just squeaked by. Impressive win. Lots to be proud of.

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Better get my 2 cents in before the naysayers.
Ld great game u could see he was hurt when running.
Defense 2 turnovers don’t see that often.
Oline got its 4th fumble recovery.
Stone had a nice game, considering the qb.
St did a great job.
Oline was good since r starting to play 3rd string.
Defense let Howard run for over 100 not good.
Some one tell Sanders if gets rid of the ball they won’t hit him.
Throw to the open guy, what 5 guys caught passes?great job by the team it was a great win.

I’m glad they got the win. Unfortunately, one team in Oklahoma seems to be playing better while the other seems to be playing worse.

Has anyone heard if Cole Birmingham and Hunter Anthony will be back anytime soon? We desperately need offensive lineman back for the Bedlam game with a healthy Hubbard, Brown, and Wallace to even be competitive in that game.

I’m usually pretty critical on OSU and Gundy. Here is one positive in that game even though it was a crapshoot. OSU didn’t turn the ball over AND THEY WON!!!

I hope ur ok.:upside_down_face::slightly_smiling_face::rofl::innocent: it’s really ok on the dark side​:pleading_face::exploding_head::partying_face::cowboy_hat_face: the said 6 to 8 weeks at one time that would be 8 week for ou game. Have not heard anything about Springfield.

I didn’t listen to the 3rd quarter ( that’s why we came back), but I also couldn’t find any thing about stoner’s fumble. Did u have an episode? The stat only have one fumble that would be sanders. And it’s not very lady like saying " dunn should give Gundy the finger". Just saying​:joy::slightly_smiling_face::upside_down_face::innocent:

#10- OU hasn’t stunk in a while. OSU is starting to look pedestrian. I fear a bedlam blowout is coming

At the time I thought the punt was the right call because of how the defense was playing, but it almost ended up being pointless. KSU went the length of the field on that drive. We got lucky with the scoop and score. Just how things work sometimes.

I’m probably going to look crazy saying this, but as long as the line is banged up like they are LD should be starting over Hubbard. Hubbard is incredible in open space, but he never gets any this year and has little to no strength to get through traffic. LD can get those tough yards and has breakaway potential to boot. In fact, he has 5 runs over 40 yards this year. I believe Chuba has zero.

Our best RB is LD Brown, and in my opinion, it’s really not that close.

I would have liked to see mention of Stoner. He didn’t do anything that would make headlines, but he did what Stoner does when our top players are out.

Stoner fumbled a punt return but luckily recovered it.

They still did count it on the stats I look at. The wasnt the play where he got tackled on a free catch.

START BRENNAN PRESLEY!!! 10 times my thought.

I’d rather throw it to him in the slot instead of a slow white dude.