10 Thoughts on Oklahoma State's 24-3 Victory against West Virginia

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Jim Knowles’ defense rivals some Lookabaugh numbers.

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“Hutton put five of his six punts inside the West Virginia 20-yard line.”

Take note Roberto.

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“The likelihood of OSU making it to Arlington might be as high as OU at this point.“

Only an OSU fan can appreciate this comment. OU’s next three games are literally against the top teams in the league.


I don’t think OSU’s odds are better than OU’s, but OSU’s odds definitely went way up with their win today. The scenario that worries me is if Iowa State beats OU and OSU loses to OU.

Is Mike Gundy in the conversation for coach of the year? That place in the desert :desert: had the O/U on wins at 7.5 this season and OSU has won 8 games with 3 left to play. Go Pokes!


The only thing about the game I couldn’t make sense of, or I should say, I didn’t care for, happened after the game. During Gundy’s post game press conference he showed no emotion. His team just played a great game and unexpectedly dominated. Yet not one smile or any show of happiness. Not sure what to make of that. But what a fun game to watch and a real treat to see the defense at work. How ya gonna keep Knowles down on the farm? Chad Weiberg, I suggest you start calling your big time boosters right now so they can pass the hat in order for you to expand your budget in order to keep Knowles. I don’t think this team is going to let up and choke against the next 2 teams. TCU and Tech will surely be practicing a great deal to defend against the end zone fade so I hope we have an option if they smother Tay. He also made some really nice catches for first downs. Green twins making good progress. WVA’s great runner could not get thru the Orange Curtain. O line really coming along. Team needs to clean up some of those penalties and they will shine even brighter. A team that early on looked like it was going to have a horrible season has instead turned into a team that will be remembered for greatness. Kudos to Gundy for realizing it was time to let Bill Young go and also give the boot to Glen Spencer. I have been changing my perception of Gundy. TCU without its head coach upsets Baylor. I think that could only happen in the Big 12 when you should expect the unexpected.


I thought it was interesting that he said our odds might be as high as OU’s to make the championship. Only those familiar with OSU’s history would say that. Any outsider would say that our odds are even with OU to make the championship. Their best win is either K-State or Texas, two teams we closed out pretty well. They still have to win 2 of the next 3 against the top 3 teams in conference & 2 of those on the road. This is definitely not a classic juggernaut OU team.

But we “know” OU is a sure loss, so we will have to depend upon OU losing to either BU or ISU to help us make the title game. Oh, and by the way, we’ll probably drop one of the next two games. This is the habit of mind we suffer from as OSU fans, which is how you get a statement like our odds might be as good as OU’s to make the title game.


Depends I guess. Do you think Tech or TCU can beat Iowa State?

TCU…maybe. Tech, heck no.

As much as I hate to say it, OSU fans might want OU to beat ISU.

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Can? Sure. Will, probably not. For me, I’d say there’s about a 25% chance Iowa State loses to either TCU or Texas Tech.

I’m under the impression that if you want to get to the conference title game you may want OU to make it to Bedlam undefeated.

If you lose at the end of the season it sucks, but if you can get to 2nd place and an NY6 bowl it’s better than being 4th and going to the Cheez-It bowl.

True. Hopefully OSU takes care of business these next 2 games. I like that we are getting TCU at home.

Well, yeah. It’s obviously in OSU’s best interest.

I will continue to put an L on the schedule next to the OU game before it happens, until OSU can prove it can beat OU at least 2 out of every 10 years. At LEAST. Therefore, Iowa State needs to lose one more time for OSU to make the conference title game.

To me, the clearest path forward is for OSU and OU to win their next two. That way Baylor and Iowa State have 3 conference losses.
However, there’s still some games left to be played. TCU looked like a different team with Morris at QB taking down Baylor. Our offense needs to get better at consistently sustaining drives and putting points on the board.


The one major difference between this years team and past teams that changes the ambit: We have a Complete Defense! No weak links!

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Stick Morris a couple of times early and give him something to think about. If game stats I observed are correct, Morris was only sacked 1 time against Baylor. OSU D is a force multiplier allowing the Cowboys to win games that if they had a lesser defense they would not. If the Cowboy D plays up to expectations and the crowd is into the game, Morris will be in an environment many very good, experienced QBs have struggled with. Go Pokes!

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I don’t understand why everyone thinks OU is automatically in the conference championship game. I want to see a rematch of oSu and ISU. If we win out and ISU wins out it will happen. I like our chances of beating ou in bedlam. Not good chances if we have to play them back 2 back. But then that pesky Baylor win might haunt them.

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It’s because all these debbie downers believe in ou.
So far ou’s best game is with a 4 and 5 Texas team or a ksu team.
So each of these games for ou will be harder.
Everybody has all these games playing out. What if ou loses 3 straight. Why not? Beside this team from Norman having ou on their helmets have they looked like a great team.

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They should have had a couple of losses by now.

The reason everyone thinks OU is a lock for the Big 12 championship game is because they’ve won the Big 12 six years in a row and until we actually see something different, they’re going to get the benefit of a doubt. Not to mention they’re a blue blood as well.