10 Thoughts on Oklahoma State's 28-23 Victory against Tulsa

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On Sanders’ performance, LD’s return and Rodriguez’s takedowns.

  1. AR was correct. He said before the season started we needed to replace four NFL caliber players to get 4th in the conference again. Currently, it looks like we have none. Looked blatantly obvious in the first two games.

  2. I’m just waiting to see when Charlie Dickey, Mike Gundy, Tim Rattay, and Kasey Dunn are going to decide to do their jobs. Sanders doesn’t look any better, the OL has gotten worse every season since Dickey has been hired, the play calling is really predictable, and Gundy just acts like everything is okay.

  3. The defense looks solid (given it’s only Mizzou State and Tulsa so far) enough to give us a chance. Even though the offense doesn’t. I wouldn’t be surprised at some point this season if Jim Knowles head finally explodes and we see an ESPN highlight of him in a fist fight on the sidelines with Gundy or Dunn because they consistently keep putting him and the defense in a bad position.

  4. I think Warren looks like he should be the #1 guy followed by Richardson. Those look like the best two so far to get us out of trouble because the offensive line continues their best Kansas impression on a consistent basis. If I’m the running backs I’m getting with the offensive line and we are creating our own playbook for runs since the coaching staff refuses to.

  5. Tulsa had the screen pass figured out before it even got started. We ran it 5-6 times only to end up with a very short gain or a loss. In fact, Tulsa had the offense figured out to the point where they were consistently in position to make the tackle after the catch or break it up before it got there. On the screen passes the receiver is hit as soon as they get it because the other receiver can’t hold a block long enough so the ball can move forward.

  6. Spencer Sanders looks lost. He fumbles the ball on a hand off and loses yards, then fumbles the ball on the Tulsa 8 yard line, and luckily the refs said he was down, he throws the football directly into the chest of a Tulsa defender for a pick 6 (The Tulsa defender didn’t even have to move). Then Sanders tries to hand it off to a running back that isn’t even there which forces him to tuck it and scramble. There were also two passes he threw that if they are playing a better defense than Tulsa would’ve been picks returned for touchdowns.

  7. This looks like the 2020 defense and the 2005 offense. I feel like BJ Tiger and that 2005 offense would’ve done a better job. This team was being compared to the 2010 team. That isn’t even remotely close. Then I seen comparisons to the 2014 team. At least the 2014 team could score on bad teams. This team struggles to get 20 points against bad teams.

  8. Right now this is a 3-9 team. Someone asked Iowa State last season after they’re win against Texas what the difference was. They said “it’s 5 star players vs 5 star culture”. Gundy has turned Cowboy Culture into 2 star culture vs 2-3 star players that want to win.

  9. There is literally no discipline on the offensive side of the ball from either the players or the coaches. It’s turnovers, penalties, and stupid play calling over and over again. Why are we running a HB draw on 3rd and 7 when Tulsa has 8 guys in the box, and we know they are bringing pressure?

  10. Finally, I’ve been saying it for a few years now. If the first two games hasn’t taught you we need to move on from Gundy I don’t know what will. Here are some stats for you:

2018- points per game 38
2019- points per game 32
2020- points per game 30

2021- points per game so far………26.5

And that includes the special teams touchdown from today and the teams faced so far is Mizzou State and Tulsa. Gundy is supposed to be an offensive coach. So if his OC can’t figure it out, and the rest of his staff can’t figure it out then maybe it’s time they get out of the way so the school can find someone that will.

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Not only was the ball right in the Tulsa defenders chest there was another Tulsa defender right behind that one.


And not an Oklahoma state player within 10 yards.

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Another pathetic performance by Gundy!

Sanders still cannot throw, and unless Gundy begins starting Shane next week, Shane should move on realizing he has signed on with an inept HC.

So incredibly disappointing the alumni, fans, and players have to continually keep dealing with this egomaniac clown!

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I know I will get trashed for this, but from a product standpoint, I would love to have art briles. At least his teams had an ide tutu on offense wasn’t so ■■■■ stubborn to run into 8 man defensive fronts. I’ve said it before. At least Bob stoops knew when his time was done at OU. There’s a lifespan on coaches at a school. It’s too easy for gundy now. I so badly wish that there really was a plane with a flight plan from Stillwater to Knoxville with gundy on it a few years ago! Better figure out how we’re going to get rid of him and pay him out why we still got some good money coming in from TV revenue. The office is a complete disaster. If I hear one more year in the preseason how good the cowboy backs are looking, my heads going to explode. Look at what Woods is doing at Virginia. Gundy has no drive and his time is passing by. Kacy done is incompetent as an OC. Charlie dickies best years with Kansas State. You have to have excitement in your program. Look at basketball. That all goes back to Mike Boynton. It’s got potential to get nasty up in Boise Idaho

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Just think…Gundy should have been fired in 2014. Tyreek Hill saved his job with a punt return against “kick it again Bob”. Since then, we’ve had 7 more years of settling for a middling bowl game and a winning record, but not really threatening the conference pecking order.

If you want to know why OSU wasn’t invited to join the SEC or PAC12, just ask yourself this. If you were the commish of those leagues, do you want a program that is simply satisfied with making a bowl game every year and has no demonstrable interest in trying to win championships?

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I am curious - is there an OC in the Big 12 that you wouldn’t take over Kasey Dunn?

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offensive line play pathetic no energy
sanders is out of shape
offense does not have faith in sanders
play calling below average

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Too many of our run plays start with the back standing still.

And Sanders, for whatever reason, is not good at reading the defense – probably 8-10 times he should’ve pulled ball for a keeper.

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Warren deserves a few more highlight reels. He broke 6 or 7 tackles in one run, sadly all behind LOS for no gain but did prevent the TFL. He’s a dude with some some serious shake and bake.

It’s looking like a veeery long season again if the OL doesn’t figure out who to block.

Our Corners were perhaps getting stranded, but they also had some man-man break downs. I really hope it’s not athleticism and something coachable.

I would rather have Gundy call the offensive plays than what we’ve seen so far from OC Dunn.

We should fire Gundy and hire joe15 as HC based on incredibly astute and bias free football intellect and consistent exhibition of true leadership.

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I agree that was awful but we have compiled with the Al Davis quote “Just win baby”.

If you want to feel better go to longhorn nation.com and read their comments about Arkansas’s slap down of the Horns. It made me smile………

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Horns might want to worry about their Big 12 schedule before meandering off into the SEC. LOL


Can’t find any of the points made by vintage poke 97 to argue against. Anyone watching the games has witnessed what he has mentioned.
Our most success has come when we had a few really good OCs. So when we need to replace the previous OC, instead of hiring one with experience and success, Gundy promotes from within and the guy is fumbling around so much that even Gundy makes a public statement about the need to draw up better plays.
How long will Gundy stick with Dunn? I reflect back to the golf team when Holder promoted the woman’s golf coach, McGraw, to be the new men’s coach. Under McGraw OSU golf failed to qualify for the NCAA tournament for the first time in program history so Holder promptly replaced him. Fans are clamoring for a revised playbook but Gundy wants to stick with what worked for him in the past. Who wants a head coach who lives and thinks in the past. I guess that is why he is wearing a 1980’s style mullet.

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When you “just win” against bad teams by a hair you don’t move up fast enough in the rankings to get where you need to get bud. We could barely win every game and I promise you we would not get to the play off. This is what dumb as gundy needs to figure out! Gundy is bush league at best. Pathetic.

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Gundy didn’t just randomly decide to promote Dunn. Dunn is a great WR coach and great recruiter. He got that OC offer, so Gundy either had to match it or let a huge strength of this team walk out the door and try to replace it. It was a gamble and one that hasn’t paid off, but don’t act like this was just some bonehead decision that came out of nowhere. If Dunn had walked, everyone would be twisted up about that. There wasn’t a great answer to that situation.


I will grant that a portion of the problems with play calling so far this season has to do with inexperience and injuries which Dunn alluded to after the Tulsa game. We will be able to judge better by the end of the season. If Dunn called that game against Miami then kudos to him and we can expect good things as the season goes on. Time will tell.

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Dunn has already said before the season that this offense has been the same before he got the job and will always be the same even if he wasn’t the OC so he told us who is running the show. It’s gundy ‘s Philosophy and scheme that is being ran. It’s run the ball to suck up the safeties so they can throw long on the perimeter and that’s it…that all it is. It’s great right? Keep the other team off balance right? I mean he a offense genius right? And…gundy still sucks. Next year you will be saying the same thing…all we do is run, run, bomb LOL

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He also talked about the difference between the other oc especially on how they wanted routes run. So that means the oc does have freedoms. They aren’t a prisoner to an offense that has been highly ranked.

Yep they are LOL. That’s why the offense hasn’t changed in upteen years with three different oc’s. Man you are delusional man…bad