10 Thoughts on Oklahoma State's 31-20 Victory against Kansas State

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Jaylen Warren is a video game character.

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  1. It’s obvious Spencer Sanders is better when Warren, Presley, and Martin are all on the field together. Hopefully he can stay consistent.

  2. They need to figure out the offensive 2nd half woes. They can’t afford to do that during conference play even with the defense we have.

  3. Special Teams needs work pretty badly. Two missed field goals, two fumbles, and a kickoff returned for a touchdown. What’s wrong with Alex Hale?

  4. If you shut down Duece Vaughn you shut down the entire K State offense.

  5. Play calling isn’t great, but still didn’t feel too bad this game.

  6. Dickey needs to teach the offensive line that holding will cause penalties.

  7. Does anyone here hold their breath when they watch our special teams field a punt?

  8. Malcom Rodriguez should be in the running for the Butkus award for how he’s been playing.

  9. Some people have complained the defense needs to force more turnovers (4 in the last two games).

  10. Warren is my favorite player on offense right now while Rodriguez is my favorite on defense.


Agree on all points. I do wonder though if some of the special teams issues are a result of playing K-State, who have historically been very good at special teams. Not that they were directly involved in all of the mistakes OSU made, but the return kickoff was a direct result of K-State being good at that particular skill. If you take that away, the special teams looks more like they just had an off week, rather than being a bad unit all around. They have been playing very solidly since the start of the season. As for Hale, it seems that kickers sometimes go through a slump for whatever reason. Same thing happened to Ben Grogan, and he turned out alright. We’ll have to wait and see :grimacing:

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Point 11, apparently KSU thought Jarrick Bernard-Converse is the weak link of the defense. He is definitely not the weak link. Well done young man…


Presley over the middle!!! Wow and that resulted in a touchdown??


Were both holding penalties against Springfield?

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I thought they were on cole.

Was about to say the same thing!!!

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Thats sweet I can see it working out. The hatred for gundy will keep u close. With this site u already have a hobby.

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Alright Loyd go find your friend Harry and figure out what suits you plan on wearing to the ball.

Lol u can’t even be funny. Sad and pathetic u do pull off

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I like the placement of our bye week after Baylor. If we make it through them with a win and no injuries that will leave us with a bye week to prepare for Texass while they’re worried about OU the week before us. If we make it through that 6-0 we could build some serious momentum for the second half of the season. I really hope the first half of the KState game wasn’t a fluke besides the kick return.


Keep the faith.

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Gundy said the plan wasn’t to go conservative in the second half, but that it kind of just played out that way. Dunn pointed to the penalties as something that made things difficult to get back into the rhythm the offense played with in the first half. — More excuses. Taking their foot off the gas is going to cost some victories before this season is over. Penalties do NOT stop a team from scoring for an entire half. We need some new coaches, geez, these negative nancys!

What’s wrong w/ our punter, besides the fact he stinks? Count on Hutton to give the other team much better field position than he should half the time! He doesn’t know how to drop the ball when punting for distance. Has the guy ever had a 50-yard punt? I don’t think we have major issues when fielding punts, Presley almost had a drop but apart from that, what happened?

They’re called SPECIAL teams for a reason but Gumby, in his infinite wisdom, thinks that means it doesn’t require a coach apart from a grad assistant who probably knows litte of that area. Hale will be fine. I remember when people were down on Ammendola, which was crazy, cause they guy was one of the best kickers to come through here and was underappreciated IMO!

SS may NEVER learn how to set his feet, which gets him in trouble at times.

Negative nancy, u r looking in the mirror.
If penalties were easy to over come the the raiders would have done better.
U must have took a nap. In the second half the did push the ball. Had people like presley try to fumble punts and stuff.

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Sadly we are limited to only ONE pass in the middle per game, and sometimes they don’t even take advantage of that quota. Sidelines, sidelines, sidelines…as if opposing D-coordinators don’t see that tendency. That’ll also result in a loss or two. If I were the D-coordinator for an opponent I would tell my CBs just defend from the numbers to the sidelines, our safeties have everything in the middle, and you’d stop us half the time!

Were both holding penalties against Springfield?
I think so!!!

Simple answered just he has kicked a 50 yard punt.
I’m sure the coach told Hutton to do what ever it took to not kick to their return guy. Just like ksu told their return guys not to bringing it out after the 7 yard return.
Ksu doesn’t have a special team coach either.

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Your trying too hard.

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