10 Thoughts on Oklahoma State's 37-35 Fiesta Bowl Win against Notre Dame

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Thoughts from Glendale.

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Q for PFB researchers: Has any team ever beaten OU, Texas and Notre Dame in the same season?


More homework for PFB: start the comparisons between Malcolm Rodriguez and 7-time NFL Pro Bowler Zach Thomas. I swear, Rodriguez is Thomas v2.0.


As a long time oSu fan and I have seen a lot, this is one of the best games and comebacks In oSu history. Go Pokes!!


I think my favorite running back to ever watch since watching OSU and can remember was Dantrell Savage. I really wished herschel sims didn’t screw up. I really believe he could had been very special. The short time he was there it felt like every time he touched the ball he was gone.

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The most unexpected OSU comeback win that I have ever watched since 1966.


Well, sitting in cold and snowy Colorado, it made this ‘ole long-suffering Cowboy’s day and a fantastic start to my 80th year on this planet! Thank you for this New Years present!


Great article! It was a fun season!

No… we’ve never played Notre Dame.

He’s talking overall not just us.

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YES. He might be the most underrated player of the Gundy era. That guy was so much fun to watch and no one ever talks about him.

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Dear baby Jesus, please send us Gary Patterson…

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Let him walk on fields of astroturf and natural grass, and lay beside stillwater. Let him make sweet music with our defense, in our road to glory…

Watched a little Blue and Gold to see the Norte Dame perspective on the game.

The thing that stood out most was depression about the last time ND won a January 1 big time bowl game. In 1994 they beat Texas A&M who was playing in the SWC at the time. ND beat #17 LSU in Citrus bowl on Jan 1 in 2018 but nothing in the big time bowl games.

In 1994 Mike Gundy was in his first stint at oSu coaching in the Big 8. 1990 being his first year coaching and pre Bob Simmons. Since then Gundy has 2 January 1 big time bowl game victories and the Golden logo have zero. Haven’t been this happy with the direction of the football program since 2013. Kudos to the players, coaches, admin, and support staff on a memorable season. Go Pokes!!


:rofl::rofl::rofl: yeah ZERO shot of that happening. And it doesn’t need to happen because he would be gone in no time. Hire within, or get another unknown.

Caleb Williams just hit the transfer portal


How will ou ever survive? I personally think it’s funny.

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I would love nothing more than if OU and Texas crawl into the SEC on their knees and don’t recover.

Off the top of my head, 1990 Colorado did. They beat Texas in non-conference, OU (and Nebraska) in Big 8 play, then Notre Dame in the Orange Bowl.

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If that’s truly “off the top of your head,” that’s very impressive!

I kind of thought the number of teams that played OU, Texas and Notre Dame in one season would be very small – hence, the smaller likelihood no one had beaten all three.

Well done, Jedi!

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