10 Thoughts on Oklahoma State's 40-34 Victory against BYU

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On Kasey Dunn being right, Ollie’s five-TD night and more.

Sticking it to OU twice in one season is a feeling of unbelievable glee. Fans were intoxicated on that feeling after the game. I mean how many Sooners were making Dallas reservations when BYU went up 24-6. How many Sooner text groups were exchanging Boomer after each OSU drive ended without points. When we missed the XP, when we allowed BYU to score in the first OT. When we did not convert the 2 point conversion. The Sooners could taste that the trip to Arlington was theirs ….Yank! It’s ours. Poor Sooners, you had a nice season, improved but you will stay home next week. We will play for the title. OU is done playing B12 games forever. Good riddance.


“The Big 12 championship is still in play,” he said. “Getting to that game is still in play.”

He’s right. It’s only been in play as long as he’s not the one calling the plays. You can tell the difference between the first half and second half in play calling. Gundy should give him next weekend off, and he can start making preparations for his move out of Stillwater.

I’ve stated this on other weeks but it does feel like there are portions of the game where it really feels that someone else is making the play calls. For example, the motion where Presley runs into the backfield, circles the QB and RB in Pistol formation and goes back out, didn’t get used until our first 2 point play. We killed OU by lining up in the diamond formation then shifting out to make them commit to a defensive alignment, yet we didn’t do that once in this game.


You can tell the difference. You can tell when we motion, shift, or check down that it’s not Dunn. Watch the offense when Dunn is in control. There’s none of that. It’s basically run OG up the gut and throw deep passes. You would think a dude in his fourth year would eventually get better, but he hasn’t. He needs to go back to being a WR coach or just go away. Worst OC I’ve seen since the Bob Simmons years.


Ollie Gordon should be a lock for the Doak Walker giving the game he had last night (3rd helmet sticker from College Gameday Final btw) and that his main competition, Omarion Hampton of North Carolina, finished the loss to NC State with 9 carries for 28 yards.
Would be nice if he got an invite to NYC for the Heisman ceremony, but what a great year for the young man.


I think his main competition is Corum. I know he only has 976 yards at just under only 5 YPC but he has 22 touchdowns and plays for Michigan, which will get him bias votes. Plus he has to share carries with Edwards which they will note, I am sure. I Think Hampton is a great player too and he will probably be the other finalist.

When do they announce the finalist for these awards? Anyone know?
Additionally, have we ever had a Doak finalist? Seems like maybe Kendall or Randle was.

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I don’t think we have had a finalist I can remember ? Maybe Chuba ? You would have thought a 2k yard back would have won it ?!

Well I was really wrong on this one. Corum isn’t even a finalist haha

Ollie Gordon, Hamilton and that Schrader kid from Mizzou made the finalists. Even in a loss, 120 yards and a couple touchdowns locks it up, if he doesn’t have it already.


I checked and I was right about Kendall in 2010. and yes you’re right, in 2019 Chubba was a finalist the year Taylor from Wisconsin won it. Short memory I have hah


Personally, I think he has it right now. Now I do think a good game Saturday would be some nice icing on the cake.