10 Thoughts on Oklahoma State's 43-40 Overtime Loss to TCU

Originally published at: 10 Thoughts on Oklahoma State's 43-40 Overtime Loss to TCU | Pistols Firing

On the collapse, Sanders’ injury situation and officials altering rules.

We didn’t play well, tackling was the poorest I’ve seen it and sanders wasn’t good

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Over play was not good, but I think the biggest problem with the team was the injuries. A healthy QB and center, we win.
Play calling sucked.


Sanders was really good in the first half. As a team we tailed off in the second half. A double OT loss on the road when we’re not favored is not the end of the world. The only team on the rest of the schedule that concerns me is Texas, their QB is good. Win out and play in the championship.


Hard understanding why all the injuries to the OL? It’s a mystery to me. Are they a little undersized ? Sanders hasn’t thrown the ball well in 2 games. I guess his shoulder hurts ? Ankle looks fine. We have to get a running game. Regroup and on to Texas

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The refusal of the middle of the felid with gundy is the difference between championships and 10 win season’s.

Yet again, Gundy and crew found themselves playing the vast majority of this game “not to lose”, instead of doing whatever was necessary to walk away with a win…. Can you name a single play, or game time decision that saw the Cowboys taking a risk?. We looked scared and off balance from the moment the first quarter closed, and I’m so sick of snatching defeat from the jaws of victory!!


It was pretty much certain that we weren’t going to get through conference play without a loss, it is very rare for anyone to do that. So now that we have it, the loss, I guess we will see what this years team is made of. Texas next week will be the first big challenge to winning out and making the CC game.

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Tai! This is from your last post praising Mohammad! He made a good play on the end zone but other than that the guy is a definite liability. He missed tackle after tackle and would have been burned all day long except the QB didn’t make good throws. Against Texas and any team moving forward they will continue to target him because of his skill set and his height. Put in anyone except Mohammad…I go to practices and I just don’t see what the coaches see…put in Epps true freshman with length and size or two of our backups are far better. Harper has been a disappoint as well along with Benson who I thought would be a stud. So please, before the Texas game make a change or that 6’5 receiver is going to eat him alive all day long. During TCU game Can you ever recount if they threw it to the other side? While I am venting the line play is absolutely atrocious and has been for a long time. Is this recruiting/coaching or a combination of the two. Maybe we look to make a change with our OL coach. I will tell you another thing our conservative offensive play is a direct result of Gundy. He has played like this his entire coaching career - when we get a lead he takes his foot off the gas! He wins with this strategy sometimes but this time it caught up with him. You just knew and felt like it was coming. Another observation - why in the heck are our receivers so covered up!! I know our offense is simple but at TT and TCU they were all over our receivers where Sanders will need to make a great throw or our receivers make a great catch. With a little trickery we did have a wide open Cowboy Back - tired of hearing that term as well…start designing plays for your TE our TE and designing plays for the talent you have on the team…Like the big TE that went to Virginia and now playing in the NFL and probably the fastest wide receiver in the league who’s talents we did not either recognize or utilize. I beginning to wonder if everyone in the league just covers our routes or if our receivers try to find space. Time for some adjustments and implementations. I agree with you Tai, the play calling sucked! Some of this I put on Gundy. Two more things…looks like Sanders is locking in on one receiver again!! And I wish the kid from Norman could come back from the hand injury because Brandon Johnson is not consistent enough.

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Mark speaks harsh criticism, which unfortunately, rings true. I think most fans have noticed what he points out.
I have pointed out earlier in the season or pre-season that since Gundy does not want to change the playbook, opposing coaches have a pretty good idea what our offense is going to do. So I guess that is part of the reason our receivers are usually covered. But part of their job is to create separation, and they are not doing a good job of that. For all of Mark’s reasons, I earlier said that the Cowboys don’t look like a legit top 10 team. On paper our receivers look like game changers. On the turf they don’t measure up.
I thank Mark 30 for the wake up call.
Is Dunn a victim of the Peter Principle? Time will tell.
So now with all the obvious weaknesses of this team, we now add some key injuries.

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Everything we want is still in front of us. Regroup and win against the horns , we still can win the league. Conference winner will probably have two losses. There isn’t a team left we can’t beat


Why is “taking a risk” equivalent to “playing to win”? Now, I do wish we had gone for 2 after scoring the TD in OT, but other than that, where specifically did you want him to take risks?


No one brings up the play Nixon dropped the ball that he probably scores on with his speed. He’s behind the defense
I think that puts us up 3 tds ?

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Yea there were several opportunities to put the game away which we didn’t execute on. That’s college football though.

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I think playing away we should have gone for it. We hadn’t stopped them in two quarters. Just my opinion


Gundy never says “Hey, let’s be conservative”… out loud. It is his innate character and ingrained response to a lead. He blamed the consecutive Texas losses almost two decades ago on ‘depth’. He is right in part, but it wasn’t player depth, it was the depth of his in-game coaching acumen. Our best years were with aggressive OCs who had autonomy. jmho…

Hindsight does say ‘go for two’ in the first overtime. But, foresight was SCREAMING it before we kicked the extra point. Our offense had to convert a fourth down to get our touchdown. TCU scored theirs with ease. I prefer to die with my boots on, or at least trying to put them back on. We simply kicked the point and hoped that they suddenly became inept when ineptitude was all ours in the second half.

GO POKES!!! :cowboy_hat_face: :football: :cowboy_hat_face: :football: :cowboy_hat_face:


Where specifically…?? (and I do understand your point, forgive me for not sharing it)

-First downs, when play action is working better for us than running plays.

-Two point conversion after struggling to get a touchdown in OT.

-Last two drives of the 1st half, where we seemed to content to let the clock take us to halftime with whatever lead we had left.

-etc, etc, etc…

“Why is “taking a risk” equivalent to “playing to win”?”

The same reason complacency and conservative is playing ‘not to lose’ and, against good teams, causes just that, a loss. (you asked, lol)

But, I give your comment a love because we do not have to agree. GO POKES!! :football: :cowboy_hat_face: :football: :cowboy_hat_face:

Peter Principle…

I think Dunn is a victim of the same malady of every OC since Holgy and Monken who had autonomy. Gundy’s hand in his back as an OC puppet. jmho…

GO POKES!! :football: :cowboy_hat_face: :football: :cowboy_hat_face: :football:

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I think you need to look at Sanders’s completions after the first quarter. It went from like 7/10 to 9/26. I think he played with an ailing shoulder and as the game dragged on, the soreness limited him. We needed to establish the run. Also, at some point, play action doesn’t work without actually running. We weren’t able to, so the offense drooped. Should we have started Gunnar? Maybe. Not sure that would’ve given us a better result.

I agree, but not because I think it gave us a great chance to win. Is the team better on one play than on ten plays? No, but you have a better chance of lucking out on 1 play than on 10.

You realize that this isn’t an answer, right?


First point, I have looked at Sanders after the first quarter. His body language said that something was off… Time to call in Gunnar.

Second point, We agree… completely.

Third point, you realize that your original question wasn’t really a question, right??? It was rhetorical and an expression of your view. Thus, it needed no answer, but invited a response. …right???

I respect your views. as long as you respect the responses with which you may not agree.

GO POKES!! :cowboy_hat_face: :football: :cowboy_hat_face: :football: :cowboy_hat_face: