10 Thoughts on Oklahoma State's 58-44 Victory against Central Michigan

Originally published at: 10 Thoughts on Oklahoma State's 58-44 Victory against Central Michigan | Pistols Firing

On Spencer Sanders, questionable defense and more.

I have to admit, Sanders did play great. I still don’t like him, but I can admit that he played better than I thought he would. I just hope he can keep it up all season. It almost looks like he has changed his throwing style. Still missed some easy throws, but that can be chalked up to first game jitters, getting back into the speed of the game, etc. Not real excited that our defense let them put up 44 points. It just seemed like they were caught out of position a lot and couldn’t seem to wrap people up. I didn’t think they would cover the spread, but with 58 points I think they should have. Overall, I give them a B-.

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Did we actually just win a game in which the score board was the only major statistic where we were superior??? please chime in… GO POKES!! :football: :cowboy_hat_face: :football:

I guess we can go back and swap all the other stats for the scoreboard if it’d make you feel better… like 2016.


So… is that a yes?? I honestly haven’t checked, but know at one time we had been out rushed, out passed and less time of possession. TOP was never our strong suit in the run and shoot days anyway…

I do believe at the end of every game, they swap all stats for the scoreboard. Beating ASU convincingly will make me feel better. Other than Sanders settling in after some erratic play in the first couple of drives, and our oline, consequently… This first game, Gundy-esque, has raised more intense questions than provided answers. While a good G5 team, other than Ark-PB, I don’t think we have an easier team the rest of the year, including the Jayhawks! (They beat the Longhorns… lol)

Offense was fine over all. Sanders had some nice throw in tite coverage. Had a few bad pass. His one td run was a broken play. I hope Johnson is not going to have troubles like martin with drops. What was anderson doing. Oline did great. Early look bad on run, but not alot of attempts. Didnt seem they did alot of exotic blocking for the run game Early. It weird the numbers of passes and runs were almost exacy to last years opening game.

Wow defense. Run was good.
I never seen a spot defense. Iseen man and zone. But those lb were playing spot defense. With only a 4 man rush we need to play man. Tackle was not great.

There two backs were big and hard to bring down. That qb hard a great touch. Our cb were on them. Tall recievers here threw it into them. He did make some great throw, not sure how it got in there. And yes didnt miss the open guy. This defense reminds me of knowles first year. It was all those seniors. Baylor threw 17 passes in a row. Te last year hurt us. Got to get tighter on the line us the safty to help out.


CMU would beat the Jayhawks. I think the league’s going to be down this year. They might be better than one or two other teams too.


Time will tell. I can appreciate the perspective.

Time seems to be what we need, not so sure it is on our side as of yet. :football: :cowboy_hat_face: :football:

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I am more concerned that we couldn’t get a rushing attack going. O-line may have protected Sanders a little better than last year, but they couldn’t open any holes for our running backs.


A legitimate concern which needs to be addressed, I do agree. It seems, that when QB1 is a settled matter, Gundy has the same problem with RB1, attempting to reward loyalty and time in the program when he most certainly needs to find the best option. Richardson had the nod over Warren last year… until he didn’t. I appreciate Dominic’s contributions to the program, but this is big boy football. I am waiting to see who emerges as the actual best option.

I think it’s ok to give the most experienced guy a chance to win or lose the job in a game situation, and I think it’s not all on RB1. Gundy’s indicated that he believes the run blocking could’ve been better. I think Dom could still emerge, but maybe it’ll be someone else.

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I’m interested to know what changed at half, the 1st half we had no issues scoring unlike last year where scoring on offense was always an issue but especially in the 3rd quarter. Id love to see a complete game on offense. OSU played better than

I expected on offense and there certainly was a drop off in defense from what we had last year but I expected more from a “big name” SEC coordinator. I really hope he can clean up the defensive mistakes like completely blown coverages and the poor tackling…

A W is a W but let’s hope that they get better before conference play and last year isn’t a once in a decade run…


Receivers were good I thought.Running back , it seemed Dom was running with his head down. Expecting contact instead of running to daylight
Richardson ( wr ) is a play maker. BP needs the ball a lot. The one play I remember the younger Presley in, he showed his quickness !! Hope we can get him the ball in space. Daniels looked good except for a few plays
Go Pokes :cowboy_hat_face:

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“There’s no way the Cowboys’ defense is going to be as good as last season’s, but that still seemed underwhelming.”

Marshall you sound just like Berry Tramel. You have no idea how good this defense is going to be after one game. Talk about a negative nellie.

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Dustin if you go back and watch the second half, with a player roster with Jersy number in hand, you will see we were playing alot of new/Freshman players. Their first college action. Gundy had already told us he was hoping for a large lead so he could get the new guys some live reps, to help build reliable depth.


Richardson was out best back on the field. Nixon was second. End of discussion.

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Can easily appreciate the perspective, just can’t love a comment from someone who believes that they get to decide when a discussion ends. GO POKES!! :football: :cowboy_hat_face: :football:

rmt . . . he he he. Just a figure of speech. :beers: