10 Thoughts on OU's 34-16 Win Over Oklahoma State in Stillwater

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OSU brought a dagger to a gun fight, and then OU stole it.

OU has not just been beating our Pokes all these years. They’ve been beating everybody. The Cowboys have been so much better this century than in any time in history. I’m grateful for that. I hadn’t seen a Conference champ since 1976 until 2011. We’ve won 90 games this decade. That’s well above our historical performance. You can dog Gundy all you want, but he’s exceeded OSU’s performance from any era. It’s great to see.

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I told a friend of mine at half that even though we were only down 7, it felt like we were down by a lot more. Offense for the most part was stagnant and the defense was getting the ball ran down it’s throat.

Gundy got too cute in the red zone on first down. Two misdirection plays on first down (that didn’t work), going into a short field, forced our offense into obvious plays, and also eliminated the use of Chuba in the red zone. I’m all for trying to fool the Defense, but Gundy outcoached himself tonight.

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Not.one.mention.of.getting.out.coached. No new wrinkles, nothing to get zerOU’s defense off balance. No new wrinkles to confuse Hurts. Just same ole base crap.

Who else saw us bunching up the offensive line and thought, run up the middle? And sure enough. We did it once on 3rd down when we needed 6 yards. How creative, Gumby! You know he called that play cause no way Gleeson is that doofy.

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Playing a top 10 team with your JV offense - and losing - and then I’m reading “fire gundy” tweets last night.

Simmer down people

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OU ran a simple guard/tackle counter play the entire game and we couldn’t stop it. All those defensive coaches and none of them knows how to stop that play?? You don’t stop it by your defense players running into the pulling guard or tackle with their hat high. Get low!!! Cut some knees out. That guard and tackle won’t be as fired up about pulling the rest of the game. Embarrassing watching us defend that play incorrectly the entire game. That is OU’s base offensive play, they didn’t need to run anything off of that play because we couldn’t stop it.

This season felt similar to football and basketball last year. The talent on hand got worn down by the end of the season. Really looking forward to basketball season.

oSu broke in a new coordinator and got him an extremely valuable year of P5 football experience. Some team will be thrilled to get a quality coach once oSu gets done with his on the job training. Now go get in that helicopter and sign another top 40 class. Rinse. Repeat. See you in August when fall camp opens.

As far as number 9 goes, I think OSU’s passing game improves, right now at least, with Brown. It’s better than with Sanders, just due to Browns decision making. That will grow with Sanders. But I think not having Sanders really really hurts Hubbard. Sanders is dangerous enough to take a few defenders off Hubbard on every play. Brown isn’t. That’s why it’s been so easy to keep Hubbard container the past two weeks. Don’t think having Sanders would have made the difference Saturday, but maybe having the more effective run threat could have allowed us to manage the game a bit better. They never seemed to have any sort of control.

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That was the most helpless I think I’ve ever felt during an OSU game. 99.9% of games that we’re down I have the gut feeling that we’re going to figure it out and pull off the win (unfortunately we still lose some of them). Last night was the first time (in recent memory) that I’ve felt we were going to lose the game.

I’ve had that same feeling 15 different times, unfortunately I’ve only been wrong twice .