10 Thoughts on the Annual Oklahoma State 2020 Preseason Survey

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OKC Dave has emerged from his cave!

Left out the most important take away. Media coverage of the t-shirt story. Might want to check those numbers again because that’s you and your activist journalist Kyle Boone.

Being ranked #1 of the best looking turd in the litter box isn’t much of an achievement


Did the WWLS really get that much better? Or is it recency bias with more people upset with the Franchise? I have listened to either much but I do know of many recent changes at the Franchise, plus Sam Mayes.

“WV and Tech should all be 5 percent higher,”

A win total of 11 points in the past two seasons against WV and blowout losses to Tech the past two seasons and you think it should be five percent higher?

Tex.as Tech is almost unexplainable the last two years. We need to win this matchup to have a chance for a stellar season

Anyone who thinks the game in Manhattan is greater than 50% doesn’t understand college football or much about their 2nd year head coach. In his first year as a D1 head coach he won at Mississippi State and beat OU. They’ll continue to improve each year as he builds the team with his own recruits.

Didn’t know this. We’ll see then won’t we.

And yet you crawl out of your cave to come to this site on your own volition? That would make you either a masochist or an idiot…

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Agreed. K State is always one of those teams you can’t ever predict. Considering their history with OSU the past 20 years and how close some of those games have been or so I wouldn’t count that as a greater than 50 percent chance either.

He’s just proving a point. Nothing more and nothing less.

You don’t like data or science now?