2019 OSU football survey preview

Would any of you fellow PFB+ folks like to preview this year’s survey and let me know if you see any mistakes or questions that need to be tweaked? I appreciate any feedback. Thanks!

2019 Survey (draft)


Love the confidence Qs. Especially with Gundy and the QBs.

Worked fine for me. I tried to break the form when ranking coaches, etc., but everything worked fine for me and the form ensured only one selection per column. I struggled with whether we will have a QB1 by Game 4… ended up settling on “Yes”.

Worked for me. Everything looked good.

Cool. The survey is now live - you can use the link in my original post. Thanks everyone!

On predicting the Big 12, there is only 9 spots for 10 teams. Once you click on all of them, you can’t un-click them, thus I cannot move on to the next page to finish the survey.

@OKCDave ^^

You have to scroll a little to the right to see the #10 column. A little quirk with Google forms.

The best WR question of the Gundy era was brutal. I felt awful putting any of them at 4 or 5.

ahh…thank you sir!

Everything worked for me. thumbs up

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It was so tough. I believe I went Blackmon, Washington, Dez, Wallace, Bowman. I know nothing about bowman; he was before my fandom.

I had Dez and Washington reversed, but I actually agree with you. Better body of work. I panicked.

Of course you did, It’s like, he created the questions just for you…