2019 Season Information

I’m curious about what kind of information you guys are interested in knowing. We talk to #sources often and accumulate tidbits of info that we’d love to pass along here, but I want to know what you want to know about.

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(Shocker here) I’d really like to be aware of recruiting rumors. Who is thinking about coming here? Who is thinking of leaving? Are there players that we’re recruiting on the DL? Are there changes coming to how we do so?

Recruiting is such a fundamental component of the fan experience that knowing as much as we can is a pretty common desire, I think. :cowboy_hat_face:

I would definitely be interested in all of the #sources and some of the rumors that are being heard. Especially if it involves recruiting (aka Cade Cunningham top of the hour check in’s lol). But it would be pretty cool to hear all of the PFB contributors in game thoughts. Just excited to have more access to OKState stuff like this! Thank you all for putting this together!


Depth cart movements could be cool. Which guys are moving up, and which guys we should keep an eye on.


2019 Official PFB Tailgating Guide. Includes restroom locations, menus, tips, tricks, etc.


Live post game coverage. We typically listen to the Gundy postgame session on the ride back to Tulsa but it’d be cool to listen to hot takes from you guys after.


Oh no that’s a bad idea.

You know they sell beer in BPS now right?

What could go wrong?

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We’ll just need a postgame meltdown thread. (Probably several games worth when we start dru brown) No serious analysis allowed. Just fire gundy, join the American, no mountain west, so we can actually win a conference title takes only.


Set up a tailgate and go live. Coop will give you more monies and the people will get the hot takes they yearn for. Oh, and let people call in to. Poooorter will be the new Pawwwl.

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We definitely would like to do another PFB tailgate this year like we did last.


I have already prepared my meltdowns in advance for every possible QB scenario.


Thanks for asking!

This article here https://pistolsfiringblog.com/the-rundown-gundy-on-nfl-pokes-left-tackle-competition-and-more/ is a great example of the value that PFB provides. A three-minute read that summarizes everything Gundy has said publicly about actual depth chart situations and player development.

A feature I’d love to see in-season is a simple list, with commentary, of who played how many plays. I want to know whether Harper or Henry is getting more run. And if that’s different from last week, then I want to know why.

Knowing that Gundy thinks we would have beaten LSU and that Michael Scott is surprised that Power Five defensive linemen are stronger than JUCO defensive linemen is cool in a get-to-know-the-guys kind of way. But, in my opinion, it should take a way way back seat to actual information.

For me, the order of importance is:

  1. Information. If Gundy and Dickey are thinking about making a change at left guard, I want to know about it. If they made a change during the game without hinting about it beforehand, then I want you to notice it, ask them why, and report back to us.

  2. The opinion of PFB writers.

  3. Player’s opinions. Don’t get me wrong. I’d rather have player interviews than not have them, but they should IMO be the lowest priority.


Good thoughts here, Doug!

Love the idea of knowing who played in games and how much.

I know that isn’t really easy to track, but at least having an idea of who started, who played in certain situations, who are the young guys that the coaches trust enough to throw out there.


I’ll take this one step further. I’d like to see more “original” info on recruiting. The majority of the recruiting news on PFB seems to be second hand news. Also more news on offers we’ve made and interviews with them (if possible).


I would like coverage on the development of recruits at oSu. Is it working like Gundy says?

Why are players in the system getting passed by true freshman if Cowboy Culture is the foundation for success?

How can other programs get QBs ready to play early and Gundy claims it takes 1500 game reps? When Gundy made that comment my reaction was is take 0 reps for QBs to have success against oSu. KSU had success with a player that started the year as a WR. That was certainly not Holgy’s response when he arrived at oSu. What has changed with the oSu offense since Holgy installed the air raid? The only thing I can think of is calling audibles. I do think MR was good of getting out of bad play calls where TC seemed to run what was called for the most part.

Maybe PFB can partner with Adam Lunt’s Tape Doesn’t Lie podcast?


I find it interesting that TCU received 61 votes for the AP top 25… they went 7-6 last season. Still haven’t named a starting QB. Didn’t exactly light it up against an FCS team that went 2-9 last season in a conference that doesn’t participate in the FCS playoffs because the whole conference is awful. Their uniforms look like somebody dipped Kermit into some purple dye.

But they get this weird benefit of the doubt that I don’t understand. Gary Patterson has had two good seasons since joining the Big 12. Had some good years in the WAC and MWC that, I mean, TCU’s academic standards aren’t really rigorous so going and getting as many guys as he could from DFW that didn’t have Big 12 south offers wasn’t really that difficult for him. It’s not shocking that he was able to perform better than New Mexico or Colorado State.

OSU, on the other hand, has produced pretty much identical results to TCU over the past decade. Better, in most cases, including head-to-head. Settled the QB situation. Went on the road and beat a P5 program, albeit a Rutgers / Kansas level program. Only receives 8 votes for the AP Top 25.

Seems weird to me.

I know this will be in the super minority, I just love trivial info.
I think I’d most like to know the small things we would never get to learn without a press pass. Does Gundy like to talk to a certain reporter first? What weird things happen in the press room before and after conferences? Do the coordinators make fart noises during practices to emulate Mike? Small, innocuous bits of info compiled together would be fantastic for me, though I’d probably be the only one.

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