2020 PFB Sponsors: Get Your Brand in Front of 1.3 Million People

Originally published at: https://pistolsfiringblog.com/2020-pfb-sponsors-get-your-brand-in-front-of-1-3-million-people/

Let’s make some #content!

This got me excited. Can’t wait to see and experience PFBs continued growth!!

Congrats guys on your great work! I think you know this but 1.3M in Google Analytics is not unique users. If I visit 5 times in a day, that is 5 users by those measures.

Google defines it as “Users who have initiated at least one session during the date range.” Obviously it’s not perfectly accurate and is definitely inflated – which I noted in the article – but if what you’re describing happened then your user count would simply be the same as total pageviews (13.7M) or maybe pageviews divided by pages per visit (that number would be 7M in our case at 2 pageviews per visit).