2021 Football Season Thread

Hoping Marshall doesn’t delete this… it is time. Opening game depth chart:


Did I miss something with Collin Clay? Is he no longer on the team?

EDIT: He is still on the team, I just thought he was good enough to at least be on the depth chart

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The RB situation looks to be very up in the air still


Little surprised Blaine beat out Bryson.


I think he’s fine with us posting stuff from other places, as long as it isn’t behind a paywall.

“Collin Clay has got a little bit of a meniscus or twist, whatever in his knee, he might be out a week or so.”

^ Quote from Gundy after practice on Aug 19th.

I think Clay may just be sitting out for an additional week to make sure he’s fully healed up. I don’t think it it’s a talent issue.


Why would I delete this?

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Receivers I’m giddy about seeing:
Langston Anderson and Rashod Owens. Jonathan Shepherd was always a guy I was looking forward to but doesn’t look like he’ll play. Redshirt Junior now and I can’t recall if he even has any cathces.

Four true freshmen made the two-deep, all recievers.

Also Jayden Jernigan is a dude. Played at DT as a true freshman, sat out a year and still got an “or” on the two-deep.


Are we……good? I’m bouncing between 8-5 and 11-2. Lol


Realistically we probably go 9-3? I’m not really sure, this is least confident I’ve been in a win total prediction since like 2015

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Interesting that Ford has an Or by him. I know it’s due to uncertainty with his rehabilitation from injury. If he’s less than 99.9%, IMO you absolutely sit him the entire game next week. They do not need him for Missouri State, and he will be fine without the experience. Don’t think it’s worth risking anything.

I’m not giddy about LA. He hasn’t done anything, injured his entire career. Really sad for him.



I’m thinking 9-3 too. Im gonna go out on a whim and randomly guess we lose to OU. No particular reason why, just a hunch.

We will probably go 1-1 vs Texas and ISU, and lose once again to a 3-6 team or something like that. It’s a 100% guarantee with Gundy.


WR seems a little concerning with so many freshmen. Wonder what’s happened with those that would be juniors.

2 Seniors
0 Juniors
2 Sophomores
5 Freshmen

Sad for these guys but the greens will pass all of them. And then Braylin will probably pass all of them when he comes in.

They have enough in Martin, Johnson, and Presley to have a few reliable emergency valves in any situation. The rest just need to be good role players, and lucky for us our freshmen are absolute studs.

Brennan as KR and PR seems exciting.

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