2022 class

That was a wild one yesterday.
After we all said and done we’re at 18 with a 8833 but no numbers on r new te.
Losing crook is the third defense guy. Including the arrest of the transfer. Can we still use his scholarship to get some for this year.
Offensive side is good with a couple of line ( sexton banks). Hope we dnt lose what we got.
The defense needs to real make a push. Last two or three have been good. But we need around 7 more.
Let’s finish off a great year go pokes

Boy if they can keep this up it might be good enough to get 4th in the conference!
Like you said, it should be a get year.


Get recruits

U never say anything why are u on here.
Oh sure 2 and 12 and 4th place.
But really how may times can u say it. Gundy is 53 we could have 20 year of read ur crap. Is that what U want to be know as.

I would hope our fan base isn’t dumb enough to keep this guy 20 more years if he wanted to stay that long.

Glad u two gurls have hijacked yet another article.

And to answer u. As long as he stays away from paste he will be here for 20.

The fans wouldn’t have stayed away from paste if he’s here for 20 more years.

The Hubbard deal, ou record, BP, and holder could getbgundy out why do u think he is going any where.

I’m hoping the fans wise up if these next few years don’t improve.

Best chance u had was the hill year oh,no won that ou game. I guys 3 years ago. Small windows ,u missed out.

Can you write something that makes sense? Moron.

That is ur role


Why are u always putting ur self down.
Just because u have nothing to actually say.
U don’t need to push the issue. Thats when it shows ur crying and are a dumb ess. Be cool like me stay relaxed. U got a long time with gundy here

We lost a d linemen that we gave an offer to

I guess we r not getting sexton. Haven’t seen a tweet from gundy

Which one?

The offense lineman from Edmond. Sexton is going to announce his commitment on Friday. And usually gundy sends out a tweet.

I meant the DL…