2022 Cornerback Cameron Epps Commits to Oklahoma State

If IT was u I hope u slip away.

Why would I think its slipping away. I haven’t unwrapped Friday.

You do realize that 1 is not even rated and 2 of them are lower than anyone listed on our all time list of recruits.

How low can we go! How low can we go!

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There all in the top 1000 except one who is not rated. If u notice that players numbers r different from year to year. I know u didn’t know this or understand.
One year .8500 is top 800 next top 1000.
U look just at the players numbers. Which is because of ur limited knowledge.
If these players don’t go to camps or from large schools their numbers r hurt.
There r lots of numbers on this unrated player 6’4" and 40 time of 4.47 r good numbers.

I understand the numbers just wish we could get 2 or 3 from the top 300 instead of playing in the 900’s.

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Well if Friday comes with another 4 star. That would be 2 in 1/3 so that’s leaves us 18 spots to get more

Maybe we could try to get one recruit as good as the average at OU.

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Do u call ur wife ou so u won’t say the wrong name. Or Gundy

Well you and Gundy just trying not to be last hasn’t got us very far in the last decade

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We were 3rd on the field and in recruiting so go talk to miles

The Big 12 Conference claim we finished 4th but I can tell 3rd makes you feel better.

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I’m not sure why al the sudden b12 is not calling ties. So it is political. I mean were if tied in the polls

They had to decide who would play in the conference championship if OU or Iowa State couldn’t because of covid. Because we lost to Texas, Texas wins.

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U sure are proud of all schools but osu.
Its tiresome to how u are good fan but never say anything good.
Example we good a 4 star u should have said great. But u say why is he wasting his time.
Loser mentality u have

You forgot to mention how I always talk about never playing 4☆. Remember how we push them to the transfer portal.

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Why r u on here. Ur not keeping us honest.

Partly to point out that Gundy has a problem with playing 4☆ or he is the worst at evaluating 4☆ talent. Either they are good and he won’t play them or he couldn’t tell how overrated they are.

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Blah blah weve talked about this way to much. One thing I know is ur in no position to evaluate r players that leave.
Gundy is very competitive. So u stupid remarks he wont play the best is out there.
Back to the reason for players leave is well above ur pay grade. Yes we have talked to much on this.
So back to blah blah.
Be real nice if u only rote new stupid remarks not rehash the blah blah

6 out of 9

These first 6 commits are all good size for there spots