2022 DT Enyce Sledge Includes Oklahoma State in Top 5

A competent HC, OC, OL, and QB. If you aren’t going to require championship-caliber coaching, then you probably need to acquire championship-caliber players or vice versa.

I’m not sure how well Baylor’s recruiting was off the top of my head, but Dave Aranda has been on the biggest stages of college football compared to Gundy. Now, as a DC of course, but nonetheless he knows what’s required to have a championship team.

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The only people that need help are the ones that think Gundy is going to win a championship of any kind the rest of his tenure at OSU. I see why you are just good with 6 wins and a bowl. Because deep down in your little heart you know it’s not going to happen.


That just tells me they aren’t doing a very good job at recruiting quality depth. You see why I’m so consistent when I say “We need better players”?

I thought Gundy was suppose to be this master at developing three star talent? Now we have a bunch of freshman that have to come in? So who’s fault is that? It’s not the players fault, and it’s certainly not the defensive staff’s fault.

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That’s why he never answered the question. Chicken little he is.

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I see what you did there lol. If you keep proving you can’t win a championship then just pretend like you won one lmao.

How much money do u think we blow on bowls.
I have never hread a bigger pile of chit.
We go to bowls that make us millions. The smaller school only make 6 figures.
We may not have Knowles, yes he doesn’t start till Jan.
I didn’t here u thinking it was a big deal when we didn’t have alot of players for the Baylor game.

Because I don’t make excuses

Stop crying it’s sad man, Baylor had a back up quarterback!!! Your an idiot

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And a second year head coach :joy:.

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All I heard in the off-season was how we had an “embarrassment of riches” at the HB and WR positions. I heard before the season started by Gundy “We’re going to score a lot of points”. I also heard “I feel like we’ve actually got depth now”. I guess maybe he meant quantity depth over quality depth.

I also heard about how the OL was supposed to be better. Then when one single lineman goes down we act like we can’t function at all.

Having zone running plays is absolutely stupid if you don’t have a fast and elusive back like Warren running them. Then again, they didn’t mind trying to do nothing but that during the Big 12 title game when they did run the ball.

“Let’s run this with North and South runners!!! It worked against 2-10 Kansas and 4-8 TCU. Surely it will work against a top 10 team!!!”

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve watched our left and right tackles get beat on the edge, even when the defender didn’t have to use any kind of special technique whatsoever to get past them, and I’m not even talking about a linebacker or corner.

Roberto can’t read or hear so pointing out the truth dosent do any good. By the way Robert if and if you win the bowl games the money is split between the conference and everything I read is it’s little money in the grand scream of things

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EXCUSES. If we beat nd u and ur circle will be saying they didn’t have so and so. How do I know that’s all we heard from u guys after the Miami game.
U know why Knowles did get the big award. He let their oc take a freshman and go 17 straight passes.
I will let u and Joey feel the warmth of ur pee.
I have never heard so many excuses come from “osu fans” why we won.

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You are just justifying what Iv been saying LOL. It dosent matter because everybody and media will say the same thing. It’s a no win situation in a bowl doofus.

Oh!!! Our three point win, against a program that’s been going south, without their better players, and almost came back to beat us. That Miami team?

Only thing that matters in football NOW is conference championships and playoffs. Don’t bring up bowl games anymore. Just around how many players are opting out for bowl games. This is why your coach is scared because it’s the only thing he can get to.:man_shrugging:

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It’s not a win for u. I have no idea what u have proven.
U and Joey do this double talk and then think u have said something.
To Joey. That comeback was against ur guy Knowles. And was done alot last year. The defense didn’t change .

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Is that was caused us to lose the game? I figured it would’ve been our four interceptions and predictable play calling on offense that was a massive part of it. Nope!!! Let’s blame the defense that was forced to defend drives from the 11, 37, and 48 yard lines. Oh, and pitched a second half shutout.

That your a softy like your coach and you don’t have a competitive bone in your body and your coach can’t win games that matter. There you go any other questions mr. gullible. Have fun breathing in all that smoke and all that pee all over your head from your coach for years to come.

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Just like I have no idea what conference championship game you watched. I bet I could ask everyone that watched it why OSU lost, and I’d be willing to bet 90% of them would say it’s because of our offense and play calling. You’re in the minority here Roberto.