2022 DT Enyce Sledge Includes Oklahoma State in Top 5

That comeback was because a certain coach installed his “play not to lose” strategy in the game which forces a defense to defend more drives. It’s pretty simple dummy. The more drives you have to defend the more chances you give an offense to score. As evidenced in the Big 12 title game.

As bad as knowels is your head coach must be the worst coach in all of football. Your a like a cornered rat :rat: LOL your trying to prove something false (Jim knowels’s fault) while your coach that your trying to stick up for is in fact the one who hired him. I mean you make no sense as usual. Nothing to see here guys.

Think you meant to reply to Robert. I do agree though.

Yes I did sorry

Jeff of course I can never prove anything to u. With ur double talk and excuse for other teams.
Since u have never explain who we could hire I will point out Joey misconception of coaches.
First Joey thinks u could hire anybody and do better then gundy.
If this was true then any of the other teams could do the same.
Here are some examples of Joey’s picks.
Last year it was the Indiana coach, simple because he did good in the virus year.
This year it was Tulane coach, simple because he lost by 5 to ou.
How did both team do this year.
Weren’t both u guys on board about boynton.
He answered one of my questions by picking up another big. Without him revamping his how he uses his players, the line up and offensive scheme he will be gone soon.
He is jacked full of "great recruits ".

So dnt act like this was a 6 and 6 team. Ur taking away from what really happen. And down grading the players. This was a league champion, 11 and 2 team going to a big 6 bowl with. Wait for it. A bedlam win. No matter how u slice it or bend it.

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I would think someone out there could be a little more innovative offensively every game, instead of telling the media “We’ll do the same thing we’ve always done”.

Did any of these coaches have Jim Knowles and his defense?

We aren’t acting like it was a 6-6 team. I’m pretty sure most people have summed it up to the defense being championship-caliber while the offense decided to be bowl-eligible caliber.

One side of the ball developed its players, while the other side hasn’t been able to teach Sanders to lead a receiver in 4 years. You would think a former pro AND college QB could teach that. I guess we were all wrong.

Last time I checked everyone is claiming Baylor is the Big 12 champion.

Now this I can get on board with. Even though it was OU’s worst team since 2014. I’ll give credit where it’s due. Maybe next year Gundy can improve his record to 4-14

Oh Joey ur are act like it’s a 6 and 6 team because that’s the only record u have been putting out for the last week. No I dnt care if u were referring to something else.
We were the regular season champs. Say what u will we r.more back hand chit. I dnt care who we beat that was 10 and 1 quality win. And bigger when it’s bedlam.
U making more excuses.

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I wonder when Ohio State will offer this guy?

Every running back got hurt during the season. Warren really hurt the last 4 games. Starting center out, left tackle was second team. Nobody but Tay was an upper class man. Do I need to go on

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Joey how many times did Sanders win a game with his legs and how many games was he running for his life ? You switch from Warren being the reason we win to the defense won the game. The defense was good this year but we played lame on offense many games. You want Illingworth out there ? How many sacks would he have taken …. I’ll give you bozos a clue , go cheer on someone else if you don’t like it. Band wagon fans or worse. You idiots need to be on medication

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Weird…I haven’t seen a regular season conference championship banner in the works. Also, according the the Big 12’s website it says Baylor is the Big 12 champion.

You need some help. You live in this false reality where you think we’re champions when everything says we aren’t. So when are you going to get your “Regular Season Big 12 Champions” shirt made? I’m sure everyone will be impressed.

Don’t ask me. Go ask Charlie Dickey and Mike Gundy. Apparently we don’t have anyone on the left or right side of the offensive line that can seal of an edge rush for more than 1.5 seconds.

Warren average over 100 yard per game, and I’m pretty dam sure the defense has been the catalyst of these 11 wins. Why can’t it be both?

Who won us the Boise game? It definitely wasn’t Sanders passing attack or the offensive coaching.

I’ll give you a clue. Know what you’re talking about before making a post.

You need to be on medication for actually believing everything that’s said rather than everything that you see during the game itself.

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Joe ur a sad sad person. I didn’t dream up the words.
U just can get over it we were season champs.
It’s OK Joey we know ur slow.
Dnt bring that crap around here. U the one that lies and makes stuff up.

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U know ur in for a bunch of bs when Joey types a half page. I generally dnt read it. Tell him u hate gundy that not true. It always works.

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I’m sure recruits will be impressed by our regular season champs trophy. Oh wait!!! They don’t make those. I guess Gundy could go down to the local trophy shop in Stillwater and have one made. Just like the 11-2 rings from 2016.

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I said banner but how do u know they dnt make one.
Well u could be a buddy and do it for us. That would be a job u could handle. Oh wait let us call it in, u would mess that up. Go pick it up. Oh wait u would get lost. Hey just let someone else get it.
U got problems buddy.

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I wouldn’t trust you to go get the banner made. I’m sure you would find a way to misspell everything on it.

Ok Joey it wasn’t funny like usaul ur repeating my jabs so there is no point talking with a jr high kid

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You know what they say Roberto, “If you can’t win a championship!! Just go have one made!!”.

No one says that Joey. Ur an idiot. Does it not both u that everybody thinks ur incapable of adult thought.
U got guys want u to go to the transfer portal. It was fun for a while making fun of u. But u just repeat ur self. And real u will just say anything to try and stir up a response. Joey is was 12 along time ago. And I was good at making fun of 12 year old then. The only reason I posting now is just to make fun of u. I can truly response to made up stuff and lies.

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