2022 Spring Football

What are the story lines? Sanders progression, transfers, who’s the guy at RB, what happens to the OL?

Would like to see better ball placement by QBs. Circus catches are cool, but I’d like to see receivers hit in stride and running to the house


Biggest storylines for me are what shakes out at OL in the portal and who ends up as an early enrollee from this stellar 2022 class.


OL and how we develop them for next year. Need stud tackles. Linebackers, how will our next crop look ?


I’m curious as to what fresh ideas the new regime is brining to the table. I’ve never heard Gundy talk the way he has this last year. Wonder what the admin is thinking/planning/etc. Would love to read some inside information (if there’s any to be had) @marshall.


New Juco LB… can think of his name. He should be pretty good.

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Xavier Benson


I really hope that we can get Player to transfer in from Tulsa.


Working on it… :slight_smile:


Just talked with Gundy this morning. He wants the program to take the next step in terms of funding and is confident the Shrum/Weiberg coalition can fundraise money needed to take that next step.

He made an analogy to poker, essentially saying they need more chips but that he thinks it’s possible despite the future earnings of the Big 12 seeming a little murky.

He said they’re financially secure until '25, and if OU and UT leave their buyouts would secure OSU financially for two or three more years. So it’s about adding to it. Didnt go to far into details on where that money comes from but that he thinks it’s possible.

He mentioned wanting to become a “blue blood” and thinks it’s a possibility.


He is headed to Arkansas unfortunately

They should use that buyout money on recruiting.


Haven’t seen anything on that yet. Although, I wouldn’t doubt it. He is a very good player and could become an impact for them immediately.

1.) Improve the O line.
2.) Improve the O line.
3.) Build / improve off of Dunn’s playcalling yesterday.
4.) Improve the O line.
5.) Strengthen the LB core.
6.) Improve the O line.
7.) Gain RB depth or get Gordon ready to play.
8.) Focus on Sanders’ progression.
9.) Improve the O line.
10.) Improve the O line.

Do that and they’ll be in Arlington in 11 months.


Don’t forget that we have to improve the O line


I think it was the plan from the beginning

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I think all we need there really is to get a veteran transfer center. The other spots have good guys in competition for the start.

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I’d like some more depth too. Don’t wanna crap my pants when we have dudes go down anymore

I think the arrow is trending up on Dunn. I have heard that Dunn prefers to spread it out and go up tempo. We started to see more of that towards the end of the season. Aside from the goal line series against Baylor, I think he did a pretty good job towards the end of the season.

I have also heard they are going to look into sending SS to some specialty camps to help him improve.