2023 Bedlam Thread: Oklahoma 🏈

OU doesnt hate UT they want to BE UT, desperately

It’s disguised as hate


As long as it’s NCAA Recognized, adds to 53, how could you not care?? Goons are just jealous of their inferiority. It’s a MASSIVE feat that we are within this list.

They like to make it out as a flukey thing, as if all the schools in the top 10 aren’t massively rich and successful schools.

Stanford, UCLA, USC, Texas, Oklahoma State, Penn State, Arkansas, North Carolina, LSU, Florida


OU just likes to pretend to not care about things they suck at. I’m surprised they aren’t pretending like football isn’t a real sport right now.


Yesterday I idiotically got into a spat with an OU dude on Reddit, in which he proceeded to claim the B12 rules screw KSU out of Arlington over OsU if OSU and UT win “because OSU would lose to UT if they had to play them.”

I said “well, OSU played KSU and didn’t lose. So….” And he goes “you only think OSU should go because it’s your team.” So I said “no, I think they should go because they’re tied for 2nd and beat the other two tied for second.” He says “that doesn’t matter.” :joy:

Then I said “by your logic, KSU didn’t have to play OU and wouldn’t be tied for 2nd if they did… or do you think KSU would wax OU’s ass too?” That really threw him into a conundrum cause he either had to admit his reasoning was wrong or admit that OU sucks. He instead just resorted to name-calling at that point.


Not a rivalry though.


disagree with ya there

to me that’s like saying OSU doesn’t hate OU they want to be OU, and its disguised as hate

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Yeah OU hates Texas because Texas is a threat to them. I think they “hate” OSU but not for the same reason. Were probably just like the annoying fly on the wall to them that comes around when we smell their shít. And because it really makes them mad when we do happen to be better than them at any given time.


We hate OU and don’t want anything to do with them. We are different at our core. OU thinks they are UT and follows them around everywhere, getting used in the process.

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OU is closer to Oklahoma State as a school than it is Texas. OU almost has nothing in common with Texas as a matter of fact. Texas is a bigger than life school. We are rivals because we have to share a state. OU just creates a rivalry with them to feel special and relevant.

OU fans bringing up South Alabama as a punch line really isn’t the flex they think it is.

I’m sorry South Alabama was able to do something this year that OU couldn’t: win a football game in Stillwater.


OU and UT are vastly different at their core, but I get the point you are trying to make


True, however, if OU was able to get OSU a place at the SEC table, we would follow very closely, lol.


Yes, knowing what we know now we would, but not with the delusion that we can keep up with Texas. That’s kind of the catch.

If we were riding Texas’s coat tails to the SEC, I would be extremely worried for our football program. Texas can do whatever they want and OU delusionally thinks they’re in the same boat because they were royalty in the Big 12. Texas will be royalty in SEC but OU wont be to their surprise.


Royalty indeed is what OU thinks. It’s been 23 years and counting since thier last NC… money is what separates us from them plus 70 years of unchecked cheating. That “ rivalry “ between Texas and OU was created when Royal was at Texas and OU was getting hammered at least every other year. I know of fans but never a fan as obnoxious as them and 99% couldn’t tell you how to find the campus


In the Reddit pick ‘em thread for OSU vs BYU there are 4 people picking BYU and 3 of them are ou fans. There’s also an ou fan who didn’t format his vote correctly and picked BYU.


Oregon will be a great game in 2026.

So will Texas Tech, Colorado, etc.

Reddit OU fans are wild. They think KSU should get in because UT world probably beat OSU if they played, and you’re an idiot if you think being tied for 2nd with wins over the other teams tied for 2nd should get you in. They’re all saying that. Simply because it’s OSU and they can’t stand the thought of us going over them.


So ready for them to get humbled by the SEC and get out of the Big 12 threads.


I love that they’ve made it to the point where they’re arguing which team not named OU should be playing which team not named OU in the conference title on their way out.


Also hilarious that the most outspoken ones disappear after a loss.