2023 Football Tailgating

Yes, thanks @Stephenson for the hosting. Great to meet everyone.


Thank you for the hospitality. Just curious was that your dad running the blackstone?

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Yes sir, welcome to swing by any game you’re in town.

Nope. I actually had zero family there. All friends, coworkers, etc. The gentleman running the flattops was Steve.


I had a great time jumping back/forth between my family’s tailgate (which was conveniently right next door) and hanging with the PFB folks. @Stephenson puts on a heck of a party and those onion burgers were amazing. Meeting all the PFB-ers (and a sleep-deprived cross country driving superfan) was the best part. The instant camaraderie over our shared love for OSU was awesome.


Tailgating for BYU?

Unfortunately, looking like this weekend might not be a go. Still up in the air, but it’s not looking promising.

Squinky strikes again.


Bummer. Praying for dry weather.
Weather like the WV game last year tests your Loyal and True.

That game suuuucked

That it does. Ours is some medical stuff that’s up in the air on timing currently, or we’d be there!

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Place was empty. We sat 50 yard line first row basically by ourselves. Talked to the players and yelled at Gundy. Had a blast!


I need someone to introduce me to Weiberg so I can float my idea balloon in his airspace

Any update from the forum’s tailgate pro?