2024 Football Season - Playoffs or Bust


It’s Time!!! Let’s go!!!


That’s what I said the last time this came up - Ollie was good due to YAC and not because monstrous holes were opened.

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It might have been me with the wide receivers

I have a personal vendetta against PFF because they think that Miles Garrett is a better football player than TJ Watt

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I’m telling you, it doesn’t matter if Barry sanders is playing running back. You’re not getting 6 1/2 ypc if you don’t have any blocking. That just won’t happen, regardless of who the RB is. Of course Ollie was a big reason for that success, but a bad OL wouldn’t even give him the space. Just ask 2015 Chris Carson what a bad OL means. I could get down with bowman’s happy feet being why we didn’t have many sacks against us.


I’m not saying that they’re going to be world beaters, but experience is a very large indicator of success for O linemen, especially experience with the other dudes on the line, more so than at any other position on the field except maybe quarterback.

I’m pretty sure we have the most returning starts in FBS for the OL

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I disagree. Barry is a good example to be honest. His blocking with Detroit was not good at all, and he still did the things he did. Ollie often had to immediately avoid the center getting knocked on his butt, then an unblocked DT and/or DE, then run through a LB or safety then he was off for a big gain. He was also excellent at not taking TFL’s. I believe he led the country in gains over 40 yards and was top 5 in yards after contact. Most of that was him being able to avoid initial contact then break a tackle or two. He rarely had holes to run through. He was just that good.


I’d like to see the season grades for our lineman as I seem to remember we graded pretty low across the board. Did we have a single guy hit 70? Honestly I don’t see an all big 12 first or second team guy on the line this season. I think most of the props are based on returning starters and experience. I’d feel better if we had a bunch of younger guys coming back but these guys are all 4-6 year guys. Not much left to be tapped out of them.


Don’t get me wrong, Ollie absolutely created runs for himself. Especially that WVU games to mind, he was on another level that night. But he also had a ton of huge runs created by huge holes. Here’s 4-

All 4 went for 40+, two went for TDs. different styles of runs too. 2 reads, one sweep, one counter, line does a great job of gap assignments. We also have to remember that the line had to adopt new schemes 4 games into the season. With them all coming back, they’ll open plenty of gaps next season. I don’t think any single one of them is a world beater, but they’re all super experienced by now, and they know their assignments. They should be a very solid unit this year, if they avoid injuries.


Ollie got a ton of yards after contact, yes.

Obviously there were some, four screen shots in 14 games isn’t ample evidence, but sure. But the large majority of the time, no. A lot of games I think he had large portions of yards in the last 15-20 minutes of the game when the defense started to wear down and he was able to find some room. Hopefully the OL is improved, but in my opinion it is crazy to think this OL will be one of the best in College football. There is nothing there to suggest that.


Do we know if AJ Green is for sure done for the season?

Barry’s line at OSU had 5 fifth-year senior offensive linemen.

Looming firward to seeing what our crew this year can do. Ollie is not Barry, but Ollie is outstanding.


Ollie might be the best we’ve had since Barry. We’re gonna find out one way or another


I just hope we can keep him healthy. Need a guy to step up to be RB2. Liked what I saw from the freshman from Utah as a pass catcher. Hope the banger from Indiana can be a short yardage guy.


I got those 4 highlights in like 3 minutes doing a super fast YouTube check. It would take quite a while to watch every run he had all year long. I can spend the time to send you tons more if you’d like. I’m not even going off opinion, I’m just sending over actual clips. Lol

And again, completely new schemes in a completely new offense that they didn’t start running until 4 games into the year. You don’t learn that stuff in 1 or 2 days. It takes weeks, or even months. We have to take that into consideration.

Everything I’ve heard is that it was a catastrophic leg injury.

We installed a new offense 4 games into last season? News to me. I believe we dumbed down the offense, specifically blocking schemes because our guys could not execute the complicated schemes. But the main thing was making OGII the guy and he made things happen.


Gundy said they changed a bunch of blocking schemes after non-con and implemented a RPO-heavy playbook. They also were experimenting with bad players the first 3 games. I just don’t think the OL is nearly as inept as people think they are.

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I have not seen anyone in here saying the OL is “inept”. Rather the discussion in here is that some, myself included, do not believe the OL is presently in the top 10 in all of college football. That discussion stemmed from a Tweet posted in here that showed OSU rated in the top 10 of all CFB using a stat based primarily on experience and starts and not the PFF grade. As I believe @glorycowboy alluded, the OL might be top 20-25 in all of CFB. And top 20-25 should be good enough for someone as talented as Ollie.

I think we will all feel better about how to grade the offensive line when we see what we can do on 3rd and 3, and 4th and 1 early this season. Do we kick? Do we need tricks/misdirection? Or can we go old school and just go get the yards no matter who is lined up across from us?