2024 Football Season - Playoffs or Bust



I’ll eat a bit of crow. Cale was talking about the Mike thing and basically said “look, Mike is brilliant about getting eyes on Oklahoma State and himself. And by extension, off of others. He knows what he’s doing.”

Still think it’s bad publicity, but didn’t think about him intentionally doing it to take heat off Ollie. I still don’t know if that was the case or not but it changes the perception.


Yeah, I don’t fully buy what Cale is selling. Even if Mike “intentionally” went over the top with his statements to CYA on behalf of Ollie, Mike Gundy clearly took it further than the university wanted or else he would not have been told to put out a clarification statement on social media. And, yes, he was told. That social media clarification was not something Gundy voluntarily chose to do.


I still agree with all of that 100%.



This man will make sure that wall gets updated again. The real question is how many he will make you add.




We are beating the horse in the realignment thread currently

lol, my bad. Haven’t checked that thread today. I just love that video from Pistol Rick :joy:

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Sorry, my dead horse comment was directed at the Gundy/Ollie talk. :joy:


Ohhhh :joy:

I just found the best cure for a dead horse beating is a bowl of vanilla bean ice cream with Hershey’s Syrup

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I eat it straight from the carton. Skip the bowl.

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Gotta go with magic shell!!

So @JustGary I am going to start to beat what will undoubtedly be a new dead horse for the season… :horse:

Alan Bowman said he grew a mustache as part of some NIL thing that’s coming, and he’s expecting all you men attending games to wear an orange mustache too :face_with_monocle::laughing:

Good, luck, Alan because I think a lot of Cowboy fan wives are going to give a hard “NO” to their hubbies wearing an orange stache :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Well maybe the frat boys and the old Bowmanites like @dribble will do it, LOL!

FWIW, I think Bowman looks about as good in a stache as Kevin Costner. And, no, it’s not a compliment. Grandpa Bowman is quite fitting :rofl:

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I’ll grow a ‘stache. It won’t be orange.

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I did too, until a TIA (mini-stroke) landed me in the hospital for the weekend about 25 years ago. Changed my eating habits.

How difficult is it to change eating habits? It’s just a matter of self discipline, isn’t it? I’m getting to the age where being healthier is more important than it used to be.

Back to schedule talk. WV is our b**** and I ain’t scared of them, particularly at home. The tough stretch is UU/KSU.


I ain’t scared of anybody on our schedule. We should run the table. There are zero excuses.


My man

@KSU for sure the toughest, but nothing we haven’t done

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