2024 Tour De France

Anyone else going to be watching this year’s TDF? Pretty pumped - one of my favorite sporting events every year.


Used to be easier to watch when NBC Sports carried it- replayed version at night. I still follow but harder to watch


I’ll be reading articles and watching youtube recaps.

See where a couple former TDF guys road the Unbound Gravel?

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Yeah - I usually stream it as I can or watch the recaps.

My kid was 1 mo old during the Tour last year… would watch the full 6 hour version every night while staying with him. Fun stuff

Amazing scenery and if you ride and can appreciate how hard it is to do what they do for one stage, let alone 21, it is really remarkable. And fun to understand team strategies.


That’s where I lose interest. I enjoy flipping it on, figuring out what type of countryside they’re going through and seeing them haul ass down many of those hills. Beyond that I will normally flip it to something else and return later for a little more. Maybe 30-45 minutes each time.

Another year with no Team Time Trial.

The Olympics messed this up as well- not finishing on Champs-Elysees.

Still will be a great 3 weeks of cycling. I have to review the routes, but no first stage has more climbing than I remember from the past.

Just watching the lead out and sprint to the finish is amazing- the speed and power they generate is remarkable. Have to peal off at the perfect time and pick your line in sprint to finish.

And watching the climbs in the mountains to see elite riders dropped and then come back. Cool sport, but not super popular, especially with Euro Cup soccer going on at the same time.

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Does each team have a truck/van with equipment, etc. in case of a bike problem?

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Team car

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Just finished season 2 of Unchained on Netflix. Wish Thibaut Pinot was still in it — the French having a competitive rider always makes it more fun … The show also made me dislike Jesper “Disaster” — who’s a legit danger to other riders. Hope Cavendish can stay healthy and win one more stage. I’m also rooting for guys like the Spaniard Carlos Rodriguez.

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Go Premier Tech!

I’m on episode 4 - I’ve really enjoyed it. Not a fan of Jasper… seems like a common trend with him is cutting people off.

Made me like Cavendish more.

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Apparently, Sepp Kuss is out due to illness.

Yeah saw that - huge bummer. Probably one of the best Americans in the field. Jonas is going to have a much harder time.

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I think he’s the best American by a substantial margin. Probably the best climber after Pogacar


That can’t be trusted

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