3 days left

Anybody hot new thoughts.

Im still hyped ready to go.

No, I’m sure there are three or four goons with the same cold takes they post on literally every thread.

Go ahead and unload them here so I can shove them down your toothless gullets at the end of the year like last time.


Well there is a lot of talk about Baylor being the favorite for repeating as B12 champs and even making the CFP. I’m sure the trolls who dominate here with 95% of the posts, that are mostly pointless BTW, should be having a field day with that under all the topics no matter what the subject. The hijacking of this forum is so bad I’m considering jumping over to a Baylor forum of some kind. At least there I would hope to see comments consistent with the topic and more rational commentary on OSU when it comes time for the two to to play each other. Now of course I really can’t complain too much as I am a non-paying user here, as they say beggars can’t be choosers and I’m fine with that.


What’s that have to do with how sorry Gundy is?


Nothing, it has to do with just what you said.

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Well at least we are on the same subject.

But on a different subject, for anyone who is planning to go to the game Thursday. I realize that it’s summer and it’s hot, but for any males who are older than 10, please consider everyone else and wear long pants. No one wants to see you in shorts and it really doesn’t help with building a true cowboy culture.
PS, if you don’t know if you identify as male,. Watching from home would do the most good for the true cowboy culture. Many thanks.

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I don’t even know what this is about.

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This is funny, don’t wear shorts, LOL.

Someone was asking would we get more tv audience then other games. I dnt it. Fs1 with csu.

:sweat_smile: To be fair, I don’t have a problem with guys wearing shorts as long as the shorts are lower than mid thigh and close to the knees. My main gripe would be for guys to wear a shirt that fits. Nobody wants to see your beer gut hanging out. :nauseated_face:


Im hearing alot of babies crying about the line.

The last 4 games the line played 3 top 10 teams. The average of those games were lil higher in passing and lil lower in runing for the season. Sack was the same.

So we only lost 1 player from that team.

Rt and rg being played by the same players.
We still have joe but preston will play center.
Lt was played by cole which was going to be replaced before he got injured.
Cole was going to play lg, got injured.

So lg is the only spot that may not be an improvement.
The other 4 will be better.

We got schultz coming in as cw back he is better then anyone last year. Get green back after a bite.
@bruce4 and @jake4

I am not crying about the line. All I said was that they need to stay healthy. If they do, we will be better. If they don’t, we will have the same issues as last season. That’s not crying.

You know that the oline needs to stay healthy?

Wouldnt a stronger healthy line help what you do cry about Sanders.

Bless your little heart… You think a healthy offensive line has anything to do with how bad Sanders sucks??? Has our O-Line been horrible and injured all 3 years Sanders has started? Nope. And he still sucks.

Bye Felicia. Poor wittle guy.

Weve had more issues 2 years ago with the line.

3 years ago he was a red shirt freshman.

So a better line is agood thing. Your the one cant understand he and his stats are better over the years.

Dnt come back crying about sanders i have heard every one of your tear drops on him.

I know bud. Your comprehension skills are really lacking. It’s not your fault. Now, go get a pudding snack and watch Wapner.

And, continued injuries and constant O-Line issues fall back on the coaching staff. Who has been there for 17+ years??? Oh yeah, GUMBY. So if we constantly have the same problem, as you just proved, then Gumby is at fault. He needs to go if he can’t recruit a better O-Line that doesn’t have issues year after year.

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Lol thats what i live about you morons. You think we have a bad line. You think were the only team that has injuries.

Only an idiot would blame a coach over injuries.

It’s pretty funny that you cry about people going on and on about the same drivel, then we have some moron up there talking about shorts. Yeah, the rest of us are the ones with the problem, for sure. Sorry that you can’t comprehend how bad 60 TDs and 40 Turnovers in 3 years is. Imagine if Gundy could recruit someone that is even a few ticks better. Just a few. Instead we are hanging onto a wing and a prayer with Sanders every season. At least I am prepared to lose every single time I turn an OSU game on. Sanders is a little beyotch. But, let’s ride him down with the ship.