3 Scenarios that Put Oklahoma State in Big 12 Championship Game

Since 2005 teams have won the following number of conference titles
Oklahoma 10
Ohio St 9
Clemson 8
Alabama 8
Oregon 6
Florida St 4
Georgia 3
Penn St 3
Virginia Tech 3
Stanford 3
Baylor 3
Florida 2
Auburn 2
Wisconsin 2
Michigan St 2
Michigan 2
Utah 2
Kansas St 2
Texas 2
Washington 2
Oklahoma St 1
Wake Forest 1
Pitt 1
Georgia Tech 1
Texas A&M 0
Ole Miss 0
Arkansas 0
Tennessee 0
Iowa 0
Nebraska 0
Miami 0
TCU 0 I do not count teams that tied, but actually lost the game to the tied team.
So by your math Gundy should win the B12 every 3-4 years or 3.5 years. 19 divided by 3.5 = 5.4 Titles. So the same as USC and only 3 behind Alabama, but ahead of Georgia, LSU, Florida St, Penn St. By your math we should be bumping shoulders with Oklahoma, Ohio St, Clemson, Alabama, Oregon (and yes Oregon has passed us, but will probably fall some after entering the B10) and USC. There are a a few schools that of equal footing with the Cowboys who have won more: Baylor, Virginia Tech, Stanford etc., but look at the list of teams with zero titles in 19 years. Only 26 (40%) teams of the 64 (I’m not counting ND or the new B12 schools) P5 schools have conference titles. It is heavily weighted towards the Blue Bloods who have more money, resources, tradition etc. Winning one title in 19 years does put us in the Top 25. One of the biggest issues is that OU has not really been down in 23 years except last season. I’ll work on NY6 Bowls next

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TCU, you are counting winning the Mountain West! Really? Even their B12 Title is tainted, because there was no tiebreaker but they tied Baylor at 8-1 but lost head to head, so I don’t give them that one. Stanford, Virginia Tech and Georgia Tech: where are those teams now. You talk about building on winning: they didn’t do it. You also failed to mention that we are ahead of all the teams with 0 titles in that time span.

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and OSU beat OU, Kansas, Kansas St, West Virginia…so what?

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Outcoached… Outplayed

I guess he could be like OU fans and blame officials. Or maybe could blame the weather.

He’s a leader. He’s saying I’m going to work to do better.

Let’s play this fun game again… we get rid of Gundy like you so desperately want… Name your replacement? I always love when you throw out candidates, then a couple years later I get to laugh at your short list and what a disaster that would have been.

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Matt Campbell :rofl:
Deion :rofl:
Kirby Smart :rofl:

Come on… let’s see the latest. :clown_face:

Yep the fact of the matter is we got a good thing going on with HCMG. Saban aside who you going to get to do better?

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So we’re in the company of GT, Wake Forest, and Pitt when it comes to conference titles? Glad to know we’re in that company. I don’t know, I think Gundy should’ve won in 2013 and 2021. That would at least get him to the Wisconsin and Michigan State level. Everyone talks about how good we are, but I’m still trying to figure out why we have the same amount of conference titles as programs that have not been consistently good :man_shrugging:.

78-10. What else do you need proven to you?

Which you tried to do. Then it was pointed out to you clowns that we had four turnovers and our offensive game plan was terrible with an average at best QB.

:thinking: I said the bad defense was more concerning to me than the bad offense. I mentioned it being a monsoon. To which you said and you think it doesn’t affect UCF either. To which I responded yes I do which is why it was more concerning to me what the defense was allowing. Your comment actually made my point doofus. Then it was crickets from you. Night Joy! Hopefully OSU wins and I can come on here to see what you still come on here to biotch about. We should make a bet on tomorrow’s game. OSU loses I change my profile name to Les28, but if OSU wins you change yours to JoyBillBiotch. Deal?

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Ok, so now we are getting somewhere in this discussion. The last sentence there "“but I’m trying to figure out why we have the same amount of conference titles as programs that have not been consistently good.” The answer to that, and you’re not going to like it, is the Sooners. Living in this state, many people just think OU is another Blue blood like Ohio St, but as my list of conference champions shows, the Sooners lead all schools in titles with 10. Now Baylor has 3 to your dismay. So in 2013 if Justin Gilbert would have just held onto that potential pick at the end or if in 2021 we could have scored at the goal line vs Baylor, you would feel much better about all this. That’s how close it is.
So why do you feel like we should have as many conference titles as say Wisconsin? They are a solid program that began their Renaissance in the 1990s. Wisconsin athletic Budget is much closer to OU’s than OSU’s. OSU is 46th in the country in Athletic Budget. So your list of 9 schools, of which I have eliminated TCU, as they have truly zero P5 conference titles. Kansas St and Utah have 2 such titles, so 1 more than OSU. This is what all your angst is about? This is what entitlement means. You feel entitled that OSU should win more conference titles and NY6 games.

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Dude, let me teach you football sense ok, we forgot gundy beat a good Notre dame team 20 months ago? Really man? You forgot that that Notore Dame team was without their two best players and we had all of ours and we were getting our face curb stomp for more than half that game. If they had their best players we would have got beat by 100. Some people uh?

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You do realize you can’t comprehend sarcasm but I can. Gundy would get curb stomped by bixby son.

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Tulsa Golden Hurricanes would beat Bixby

The big stinkers in this list are:

  • Texas
  • Texas A&M - all that budget, all that talent…
  • Nebraska isn’t even competitive since they cracked own on the unlimited scholarships loophole
  • Michigan is tied with Michigan State? LOL
  • TCU could be included since they’re parked in the middle of recruiting territory and big money

I would say Over Achievers are:

  • Sooners
  • Oregon
  • KState
  • Baylor
  • Utah
  • Michigan State

Looks like OState is about average for where we’ve started from.

I think fans confuse “program building” with “the big win”. Ideally we get both.

We had a better team than OU in 2010. We had a better team than OU in 2013. OU was not a factor in the conference title race in 2005, 2009, 2013, 2014, 2021, or 2022.

OU was 6-5 in 2009, and we found a way to lose 27-0. OU was playing a third string QB in 2013, and we found a way to lose that one. Had OSU won it would’ve been OSU’s second conference title. Fast forward to 2016. What was the OSU game plan against OU? Don’t throw the ball to Washington and kneel at the 50 yard line. Let’s move even further into 2021. Who did we play in the conference title game? It wasn’t OU. We get inside the 10 yard line eight times. What was the game plan? Just keep running it up the gut against a Top 20 defense without your starting running back.

There are realistically three conference titles Gundy should probably have right now. So what’s truly the problem here. Is it really OU? Or is it perhaps the way the coaching staff decides to prepare for games when a championship is on the line? This is exactly why I keep trying to explain to you that Gundy is GOOD, but not GREAT. Everyone wants to blame OU as the stumbling block. That might be true to a certain extent, but it’s not purely the only reason. If that were true K State and Baylor wouldn’t have multiple conference titles. At some point in time you gotta accept reality.

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My point is, if the Sooners win 10 titles, then that only leaves 8 for all the other teams to split up. Even Alabama, Clemson and Ohio St have not been that dominant in winning conference titles.
You explaining OSU football games to me is waste of time. I watch all the games. I have never said Gundy is a Great coach, This whole Good or Great are your words not mine. You say OU was not a factor in the 2021 championship race…they were 9-0 at one point before losing to OSU and Baylor. They were not eliminated until the last game of the season. You say OSU was the better team than OU in 2013. OU beat Notre Dame and Alabama and finished 11-2 that year. I think OU thought otherwise. Think about what you said OU was not a factor in the 6 years you listed. That means there are less opportunities for all the other teams to win. The truth if were AD you would fire a coach every 3-5 years and start over. That’s what a lot of schools until finally the AD is fired. You talk about NY6 wins since 2005. How many do you think OU has? 4, they are 4-8 in such games. let that sink in the Sooners are 4-8 in NY6 games since 2005. Michigan is 1-5. Notre Dame is 0-7. Florida St is 3-3. Texas is 3-1

They lost, and they didn’t play us for the conference title. How were they a factor then? That was also OU’s worst team since 2014.

OU also lost to Texas 36-20 that year (OSU 38 Texas 13) and they lost 41-13 to Baylor (OSU 49 Baylor 24). We had the better team no matter how many excuses you’re trying to come up with for it. Also, OU was down to QB3 in that game.

K State and Baylor made the most of those opportunities.

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You guys talking to billy is a waste of time. In a month he will be saying the same exact stuff.