A boy named dana


R u positive.

This is hilarious. I mis spel words to give u nerds something to do. U come back like ur einstine.

Delete your account

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U come and attack me. Then tell me to delete my account. Thats rich.

I wish I had as much personal enjoyment with being a victim than you do, I’d love to hear your process and learn



I couldn’t read what u sent me. I am glad all u gurls r sticking to gather for the education of posting.

I do enjoy this, u rite. I just wish there were smarter peeps here to understand innuendo.

I don’t think you know what that word means.

One thing I do know. Is if u dnt like my riting u could just skip it.
But to ur point, u wouldn’t have commented if I used it wrong. Did it hurt.

No it didn’t hurt when I fell from heaven. Try a different pick up line please, that ones old and I’ve heard it too much.

Lol lol I didn’t know they had piles falling from heaven. Good thing u can float.

There is one of the innuendo. Did u get it. Whats in a pile and floats. So see u are wrong I know what I’m doing.

If your “piles” float that much… you should go to doctor my dude.

Go out in the pasture and grab a pile. Hint a dry one. U’ll figure that out, well maybe. Then throw it into the pond. Go do that then u will answer why u are wrong again.

I don’t spend a lot of my time going out and tossing dry sh*t in ponds. But I guess that’s what you do for fun.

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Know I’m just smart. I know u float. I was pointing out a science project for u. Kind of like a DNA test for u.

U could prove me wrong and not float.
That would make u a which then.:innocent::poop::woman_mage: which r u. Lmao

Its funny by defending ur honor, u forgot I can’t spel.