A boy named dana

Don’t lie my dude. It’s okay that #poors have to toss turds in a pond for fun.

And I didn’t forget your spelling. It takes me three times as long to read your posts because I can’t tell what you’re trying to say.

That tells whom is not the smart one.
Dnt worry I read u chit 3 times too. Can’t believe u think its funny.

I know how u can fix ur problem of reading in general, get smarter. But about my post just stop reading them.

I could just use emoj. Make it like a picture book. u and ur mom could snuggle up. She could read to u rite before nitty nite. U could point at the picture like a big boy.

Boy you must be low on cow turds to flip in the pond with replying to me three times per my one. And at least my mom stuck around unlike yours who took one look at you and took off.

Dnt worry my mom is 84 and still going. I’m repaying her by looking after her.
I see ur best comebacks is ur new obsession.
Personal I see u have nothing of importance to say so by by lil gurl.

My dude you’re over here talking cow turds. I’m not the one with nothing of importance to say. Your sports takes are trash. They’re so bad nobody pays attention to them and engages with you in sports talk. That and they have no clue what you’re saying.

Well I get plenty of likes. And when not faced with child I carry on talks with others.
This what I don’t understand. If my take way back at the first of this post was wrong, then why didn’t u give ur opinion why.
My whole point was we r running Gundy’s offense no matter who the oc were. And the oc who have left haven’t showed much.
If this is wrong then why

My brother… I’ve got literally 12 times the likes as you. You’re trash takes are only talked to by @ar1.

We’ve literally always run Gundy’s offense too. Coaches from other schools come to study it.

U really have lost it.
Ur complete ess backwards.
You just said what I said.
I’m been saying this the whole time.
This post was for peeps who think are offense is not Gundy’s.
So this means u are a moron or u got some crazy obsession with me.
I just said we run Gundy’s offense again.

There r guys like ur buddy ar0 who want to say its only the oc. Thats who this post was for.

I’m glad u got close friends that like u. Its nice slow people are getting love. This Is a place to give ur opinion not to prove u have obsessive characteristic over grammer.
So for the last time I’m for gundy and think we run his offense. And get over whatever ur deal is.

Robert is a paste eating orangutan. Only way you win this is if you out stupid him somehow.

I will do it. It’s my mission.

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Boy have I ruffled your feathers old man. You keep posting your awful sports takes and I’ll keep trying to read them and show you what articulate and free thinking individuals think about it.

I see who would like u logan. Ur a obsessive compulsive. He has an oral fixation. Then u add ar0. That rounds out a great crew. U have shown u are weird not said anything about football or this post.

How is me calling you a moron an oral fixation? Jesus you really are retarded.

If ur all knowing about everything why r u worried about my illiterate rambles.
I understand ar0 and Joe they believe we can get recruits like ou and gundy is holding us back.
Logan is simply a oral fixated mommy’s boy. Who wants a better team. Based on his mother told he is the best.
But u are deeper troubled a obsessed wannabe know it all.

Yes the same logan. Ur always talking about some eating paste or chit or balls. Ur projecting ur oral fixation through ur writing.

Saying you eat paste is another way of calling you retarded. I guess you are just too retarded to pick up on it. How about you reflect on yourself real quick. The people here that want Gundy gone and the people here who like Gundy all come together to agree you are a fcking moron.

Its like deja vu. If u we intelligent, like u say u are u would not be threatened by my opinion.
And smarter yet u wouldn’t talk to me.
In u own words ur fighting with a retard. This is not only weird but sad.
I know what eat paste is( by the way simple mind people repeat themselves) but not eating balls.
So get help and be happy weirdo.

You remind me a lot of Lenny from Of Mice and Men.