A Look Back at 2019 Oklahoma State Football Predictions

Originally published at: https://pistolsfiringblog.com/a-look-back-at-2019-oklahoma-state-football-predictions/

Our best and our worst picks for the past season.

“A little of it is sourced” - might look into getting a new source…

Boone’s pick of Hutton for freshman of the year!! WOW. I’m more qualified to choose the next OC than to critique a punter’s talents, but whoa. In all seriousness I’m surprised at how much hype Hutton got on PFB (Hype for an unseen PUNTER!) and at how wrong it was. I held my breath every time OSU punted the last half of the season.

I’m sure he’s a great dude, and hope stronger than anyone that he can have a much better Sophmore season. Just in case though, what does the OSU staff do? who else is there? They can’t keep playing a guy that shanks 40% of the time right?

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That was a fun read. I always love looking back to see how past predictions turn out

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When CJ finally gets a decent amount of PT, Boone is going to be right about him. I know we’re stacked at wideout but that kid’s gonna be something special!