A Look Back: The 1981 Independence Bowl Between OSU and Texas A&M

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The last time the Cowboys and Aggies squared off in a bowl game.

I remember this game – sophomore year at OSU. I think our planning consisted of “Where’s Shreverport?..That’s not too far…Who wants to drive?” I remember sitting on aluminum benches in the endzone as the heat was sucked out of my tail at an alarming rate wishing I had brought more appropriate clothes for the cold, windy weather. It was my first of six OSU bowl games to attend over the years. Love those Cowboys!!

That footage is from '81!!! I expected to see people moving in almost-fast-motion and a voice-over by some guy from the '30’s! ((Yowza, yowza yowza…the boys are out on the gridiron in Shreveport today!)) All it’s missing is Louis Armstrong music and a reminder to buy war bonds! That’s nuts…

I did not go to this game but I lived in Shreveport for a number of years and went to several Liberty Bowl’s just for something to do. Honestly, that stadium and location should not be a bowl destination. Awful stadium and did not love the city.

I was at this game as an 11 year old kid. It was my first and thus far only trip to a bowl game. It was not only chilly and windy, but a cold mist was blowing all game long, too, and the nature of the stadium meant there was nothing to stop the wind and moisture from howling through the stands. Plus we lost! I don’t have very good memories of Shrevesport.

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