A Poacher's Guide to a Newly Gutted Pac-12: How the Big 12 Could Capitalize on USC, UCLA Bolting for Big Ten

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Four schools make a ton of sense.

Without losing teams i only want 4. If we keep our team and and there 10 we need 2 more.

Even 20 would have to be 2 division

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Out of the two Arizona Schools and Utah and Colorado, I would like to see us first take a shot at picking off Florida State and Clemson to go along with two others like Utah and Arizona State.

I think you’re going to see the ACC swing to add teams. I also think OSU will be making phone calls to see what their options are in terms of getting out of the Big 12. The writing is on the wall fellas……these mega-Conf are gonna happen. OSU needs to get on board with the big boys…….& fast

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Yes to UW, no to Wazzu

I’m just curious as to who the ACC could add. Notre Dame seems to be the only piece on the board but would they really want to join the ACC considering the conference is locked into the current GOR until 2036 and the payout per team is not good.

If the Big 10 consists of Rutgers NJ & USC…….the footprint of the ACC could get an OSU, Baylor, Tech & Arizona schools.

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Time Zone Conference:

ET: Miami, FSU, Clemson, Duke, North Carolina
CT: Oklahoma State, Kansas, Texas Tech, Baylor, Notre Dame
MT: Colorado, BYU, Utah, Arizona, Arizona State
PT: Oregon, Washington, Stanford, Washington State, Cal

Think BIG boys.

Cut loose: TCU, KU
Drop add of : UH, UC
Finalize: BYU, UCF
Add: UO, UW, CU, ASU, UC-B, Stanford
Add only if necessary: WSU, UU, UA

Have to position to be the best Power 4 we can be. This would get us easily to 3rd place behind SEC and Big10.

I assume ACC will look to expand. Assume they will poach UCF and maybe UC.

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I cringe at the thought of being in a conference with Uber liberal Stanford :face_vomiting:


Why would you drop TCU & add Cal?!?!

Yea cal only owes half billion dollars. Plus they draw no fans.

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Why wouldn’t the ACC want to add WV to their body being the closeness to proximity ? They have 2 relevant teams in the whole conference
I don’t like this switching to teams you have no history or rivalry with

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West Virginia would readily accept an invite to the ACC (Pitt and Va Tech are big rivalries) but the ACC has shunned them at every turn. I would trade WV for Miami/FSU or even South Florida in a heartbeat. We really need another Florida school to pair up with USF.


Yea i watch some wv utubes. Thats all the go on about is going to the acc when nd joins its sad actually

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I don’t think there is any love lost between Pitt and WV …. Lots of bad blood between them from what I’ve read

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I was just contemplating a 24-team (Big 12) with three 8-team divisions. Makes it simple to schedule nine conference games and come up with a 4-team semi-final and final conference champion. Adding six PAC 12 teams sooner and six ACC teams later would total 24 teams. Geographically it would minimize air travel and keep traditional rivalries intact. Besides the current 12 teams already assembled in 2024 here is how the three divisions would pan out:
WEST - Texas Tech, Arizona, Arizona State, Colorado, Utah, BYU, Oregon, Washington
CENTRAL - Oklahoma State, Iowa St, Kansas St, Kansas, TCU, Houston, Baylor, Louisville
EAST - Syracuse*, Pitt, West Virginia, NC State, Virginia Tech, Cincinatti, South Florida, Georgia Tech

*If Miami became available, I would take them over Syracuse.

A $1.44 billion TV contract would equal $60million per team. This size of a conference, across all four time zones, would provide ample quality content for ESPN/FOX/CBS/NBC etc. and would provide quality MNC competition to the B1G and SEC in an 8 or 12 team playoff.