Are We Sure Gundy's T-Shirt Incident is Going to Be Bad for Recruiting?

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What Cam’Ron Valdez’s recruitment tells us about the future.

Hot takes turn out to be off the mark? Say it ain’t so!

Another Kyle Stirring the pot

Thanks Kyle ?

Huge reach to suggest making a recruit’s top 7 means the recent Gundy soap opera won’t affect recruiting.
When we receive some new commitments I might buy - until then, it’s a better than 50% chance that recruiting will be subpar, at least in the short term.

Recruiting has been subpar for quite a while due to Gundy’s lack of effort. I get so sick of these “made the top 8 schools” stories. Until a kid verbally commits or signs, I wish PFB would leave recruiting alone. Until a kid signs, I could not care less. I see it too many times. We make a kid’s top 10 or top 20 or whatever and it almost NEVER happens that he commits much less signs with the Pokes. Rant over. Enjoy your evening!

Kyle, Come on man!!! Low hanging fruit, Dead Horse ect… Let it go.

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The abuse of flagging people’s comments on here really needs to stop.


You got a lot of hate in you son. Maybe you take selling the program through media all these years as what your accusing him of being but the man has got us in these top 10 list right or wrong he’s done a good job getting the program out there… But falls short in the pampering of spoiled self righteous society department yes. He’s been good for the school and he should be commended for it. Gundy’s time here has run out about really about 5 or 6 years ago but I had a blast being in 98% of every game no matter the competition.

I just saw “Diamond and Silk” on OAN so are they racists?

Here here !

Two decommits in two days tells me it isn’t going to be good.