Arizona QB Grant Gunnell Transferring to Memphis

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The former top target for OSU is headed to Memphis.

Not surprising, why would Gundy go after a 4 star that would create competition among QB’s.

We all ready have 2 4star qb fighting it out. Sorry brian

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I’m pretty confident that Illingworth is going to be good. His decision-making and route progressions are good. He just wasn’t connecting. That is going to come when he has more time to practice in a real off-season and as he gets more 1st team reps. He’ll develop that timing with his guys and that will improve accuracy. Sanders is athletically gifted; he just has bad instincts, makes bad decisions, and locks in on guys. He could potentially get that drilled out of him, but if he doesn’t, we’ll have a QB change next season. Gundy always chooses the wrong QB1. I think he did again.


Shane did connect before ou. I think true freshman getters, was pushing his throws

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Robert yes we do have 2 4 star QB’s but ones been here 3 years and plays like no star QB.

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But grant is a 3 star yes Sanders needs to work on speeding up release and keep to video film of games.
Our line will be better shane should take over. If none works out we always got gunner.

If Illingworth is to be the man the OL will have to be lights out on protection. I like his arm but he is very slow, slower than Weeden. Rudolph was decent at scrambling. I think our backs will be okay depending on who comes back ? Does LD come back ?

He went to Memphis cause his chances of winning a conference title and making the CFP are actually better than if he were to go to OSU.

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Lmao ok​:thinking::shushing_face::face_with_hand_over_mouth::crazy_face::astonished::cowboy_hat_face:

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No, Rudolph could not scramble. OL will be better. This wasn’t a lack of talent or recruiting or coaching this year. This was just a very bad rash of injuries and expulsions.

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In 2013 we had no significant injuries and finished 3rd when projected to win the conference.

In 2017 we had no significant injuries and finished 3rd when projected to play in the CCG.

So to say it’s not due to a lack of coaching isn’t true. You only need to see the result of this season’s TCU game to see just how bad the coaching can get, and how bad it has been in the past. Open your eyes please!!

What does that have to do with the Arizona qb transfer. Joe u really dnt focus

Do u know what important player is. There 44 players that r important. So just because the stars don’t get hurt their r others. Joe u learn that this yr with the oline this yr.

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I was responding to this right here. To say it wasn’t a lack of coaching is a major misconception brought to you by the Gundy propaganda machine to make it really look like something is there when in reality it hasn’t been for several years now.

You’ll also learn what the difference is between 4 & 5 star recruits are compared to 2 & 3 stars with some walk-ons in the bowl game. It’s not going to look very good for Gundy, and a couple of days later after the game we’ll all be sitting here talking about how Gundy’s recruiting needs to improve. If the Bedlam game didn’t teach you a valuable lesson on what kind of players and coaches you need to compete then I don’t know what will.

Yea 4 stars are babies and quit. But u can depend on good 2 and 3 star.

You can depend on them getting beat by 4 and 5 stars.

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If 2-3 stars and walk ons were so much better to have then Rudy would have played more than the last 4 seconds of the last game of the season in his senior season.

U guys r funny. When will u 3 learn boundaries. Ur talking about 4 and 5 stars. The article was about a 3 star.
I know u guys respect my knowledge and need to hear my opinions. But, since u guys cant follow a string I will help.
From now on I wouldn’t answer of topic post from u. It was funny at first, till I found out u guys aren’t play with a full deck.

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