Arizona State Offensive Line Transfer Isaia Glass Commits to Oklahoma State

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Another one.

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Ok, alright. Here we go now


Love it, build a wall for Ollie!

We’re rumored to get Ja’Quinden Jackson, RB out of Utah as well. He would be a great 1-2 punch with Ollie!


Size sounds good. Hope he’s healthy and not damaged goods. Good news that a Utah RB might join. Still unknown if Ollie returns. Why would he go bowling if planning to transfer? No need to display his talent in another game just to get a NIL bidding war going on. He already has high value bc of Doak Walker. So that gives me at least a glimmer of hope that he returns.
The flip side is that Ollie knows we have no experienced QB, and a questionable O-line along with a less than stellar play caller. So lots of uncertainty about him. I know Texas wants him.

That OL will just be better with another year plus a couple of solid backups and a few young guys that will play. I don’t know where you get questionable ? True Ollie had more yards after contract but I see the OL being better
Agreed on a QB


I’ll take anyone we can get out of Utah !

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