Avery Anderson Enters Name in NBA Draft, Retains College Eligibility

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Anderson went through the same process last year.

You didn’t tell us how many games he didn’t score in double digit. If he want evaluation we can do it for him.

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If he can drafted, then good for him and I’ll wish him well. If he doesn’t he come back for one year to improve his chances.

I have never seen Anderson as a potential NBA player, not good enough.
I see him playing in some foreign country. I have no doubt his report will read, undrafted.
We need him badly next season.
But I can understand why he might prefer to not come back. At this point, it doesn’t look like we have a great team, so why stick around for more of the same?

He’s too inconsistent. You can’t have a 20-25 point game and then score 4 points the next couple of games and expect a team to pick you up.