Barry Sanders' Statue Unveiling Scheduled for Saturday at 5 p.m.

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OSU to unveil Barry’s statue before TCU kickoff.

This is great. Glad to see they’re starting to honor the great ones who have played for OSU.


Are we getting a garth brooks statue at the track field.
We need to make him a deal 100 mill for his own statue.

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We need a Les Miles statue with the quote “Let’er Rip!”


:rofl: :rofl:That’s a good one @joe15

I hope we never do statues of criminals.

I seriously wanted to flag this, but I’m not gonna go through the 10 steps necessary. F–k “Let 'er rip!”

52-9 final after those 3 words were spoken. Jason White proceeded to throw for 383 yards and 4 or 5 TDs on us. Our only TD came on a Darrent Williams pick-6. I hate that day, I hate that game, and I hate that quote. Goon Nation made so much fun of us for that stupid arrogant comment by Les.


Les Miles Bedlam record: 2-2

Mike Gundy’s Bedlam record: 2-14


“Let’er rip”

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Gundy will have a statue soon. Miles will never at any school. No one cares about a guy who cheats and gets fired twice.

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Fired twice with just as many bedlam wins in a significantly less amount of time compared to the greatest coach in school history.

Bedlam wins or losses aren’t going to mean a thing in a few years. They chose to go so good riddance.

Long over due.

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The last game I would ever attend at Norman. But the only and I repeat only good thing about that game, we were the first team to score on the opening drive against OU. The wind went out of their sails if nothing else, just for a moment.

Let’s not talk bad about Joe’s hero. Just Joe…

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Joe, I know you love Les Miles but let’s look at this objectively. Here is the Les Miles record at OSU.
Year 1. 4-7
Year 2. 8-5
Year 3. 9-4
Year 4. 7-5
You do know that Gundy has a better record than Les? Do you know that Gundy was the OC during the Les Miles years when he went 2-2 against OU? Also, your boy Les ditched OSU at the first opportunity to get out of Stillwater. You may not like Gundy but to argue that we should have anyone else as our head coach is, frankly, ridiculous.

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It was not an opening drive score. As I said, it was a Darrent Williams pick-6. Made the score 13-9 OU. We never sniffed the endzone again. Every Bedlam football game I’ve ever witnessed live or watched on TV has certain moments or statistics burned into my brain. This is why I cant wait to have Bedlam dead and gone.


Year 1: 4-7
Year 2: 7-6
Year 3: 7-6
Year 4: 9-4

Overall: 27-23

Bedlam record: 0-4


28-21 and a 2-2 Bedlam record.

That’s with Les Miles playing one less game than Gundy in his four years at OSU because the NCAA would switch the amount of games played.

So Les’ first 4 years vs. Gundy’s first 4 years are within 3 wins of each other. Dang, we never should have fired Miles! No…wait! Miles quit the Pokes to go to LSU leaving Gundy with a pile of crap to fix! Also, I wonder if the OC had anything to do with Les’ success at OSU? Come on Joe, your case for Miles > Gundy is as weak as Kansas Football…even under Les Miles.

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