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A pile of crap to fix? He had three straight winning seasons and a couple of bedlam victories he was handing over to Mike Gundy.

Was Mike Gundy the one that suggested to Miles he should go for it on 4th down, run trick plays, and play to win?

I doubt you or I know who called what play back then. Does it really matter? Gundy was the OC. That is a fact and not speculation. All you do on this site is try to build a case for how Gundy sucks with nothing to back up your assertion other than he has failed to win Bedlam against a blueblood team with better talent.

Now you try to make a case that a guy, who has been accused of wrongdoings at two schools, is/was a better coach than Gundy? That is so absurd that I’m scratching my head and wondering how you, an obviously intelligent guy, can come to that conclusion. The only possible explanation is that you are so over the top in your misguided effort to topple Gundy that you have lost perspective. In fact, if your buddy Robert were trying to make a case to fire Gundy he might go down that same rabbit hole. Just saying…

Guess he should start playing to win then.

Dnt tie me in with Joey. I’ve said the same things u have said. So if I’m Joey’s buddy so r u.
Except saying Joey has intelligent. Even to prove my point about miles would I stoop so low to lie to joey.