Baylor Coach Dave Aranda High on Jim Knowles

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Aranda said he talked with Knowles when Knowles was at Duke.

Has Aranda been watching a different film of the OSU offense than we have? He basically just told the media he knows it’s exactly what the OSU offense will try to do, and I will bet $500 that we’ll see exactly what he’s talking about on Saturday because Mike Gundy will do exactly what Aranda has just stated.

It’s been said many times here that opponents know our playbook. That’s common knowledge. Even the fans know the playbook just from watching the same plays called in the same situations for years. Third and long is a quarterback keep to the right sideline or a pass to the line of scrimmage. First down is a run up the middle. Second down is a long ball. Yawn…

Now is a time to experiment since we are probably gonna get 5th in the conference anyway.

I doubt that there will be any experimental play calling against Baylor because the team is so far from being healthy because of the injuries keeping key players off the field. The inexperienced substitutes need things to kept simple because they are already confused due to lack of playing time. So more of the same but with less talent on the field. Not a winning formula but under the circumstances it is the best that they can do. We have more than one healthy running back. Please use more than Dez. He should not have to suffer that kind of beating from having to be in so many plays. I know that Gundy thinks every freshman will fumble the ball eventually. It no longer matters where we finish in the conference. The season now means nothing.

Key is our offense is predictable and has been for several years. We have had the talent to out man most teams even when they know what we are going to do but not this year with the injuries.

I know people don’t like to hear OU and Lincoln Riley around here, but LC ran plays he hadn’t even ran the entire year when they played OSU. That’s how they got up 21-0 so quick in the Bedlam game, and Mike Gundy just kind of stood on the sidelines and slowly raised the white flag.