Bb vs fb recruiting

How much is similar and different between college basketball and football recruiting and being good.

Teams are smaller, more athletes to go around, so even smaller schools can snag a couple of solid guys and some role players and compete. You’re not focused on a 100 players, just a dozen, so you don’t need the same level of investment.

If you hit a homerun with a top talent, you get them for three years in football. Top talents in basketball are one year prospects. You’re not necessarily better off having a 5 star freshman point guard over a 3 star senior point guard when it comes to leading your team in the tournament.

But we saw,be it just one year, how a freshman can impact a team. The team mite not have gone to the dance.
So there is a difference freshman can impact bb more then fb.

That’s true. You need to bulk up more in football, so freshmen tend not to get a lot of reps or have an immediate impact.

It’s the physical contact that’s why football can’t go pro till there 21.
Bb being just 5 guys and not physical a freshman.