Bedlam 2019: Here are 10 Storylines for the Biggest Game of OSU's Season

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Go time.

You’re awfully confident @kyleboone

Best defense in OSU history was in 2013? It’s OK. You’re just a youngster. OSU hasn’t had a defense better than 1985. Ever.


If OU lines up Parnell Motley across from Stoner on the first offensive snap, I’m 100% running a go route to Dillon right off the bat. I can guarantee Ou will be selling out on the run, and hard. Not only that, but they’ll be bringing pressure on pass plays. Wouldn’t make any sense not to. Why not throw a bomb to the past month’s deep ball master against probably the worst cover corner in the big 12? I loved the call against WVU Saturday even though it didn’t work, and I’d love it even more this Saturday, even if it doesn’t work.

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Gundy’s record against OU is bad. However, I’d like to see how his record stacks up against other Big 12 teams against OU during the Stoops/Riley era (I would say compare him to coaches, but no coach has been around that long other than Patterson).

Texas 7-8
Texas Tech. 4-11
K State. 3-9
Baylor. 3-12

Awesome, thanks. That does provide perspective. I think we would be at least as competitive as Tech, K-State, and Baylor against OU.