Bedlam Blog: Oklahoma State Caps Bedlam with a 27-24 Win over Oklahoma

I told you guys. Backfoot’s deep throws look like punts.

What a bounce on that punt

Our D needs to play the game of their lives

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One good thing about Bedlam ending: I’ll never have to hear that FKN ANNOYING BOOMER SOONER SONG AGAIN!!


Well don"t know about that but he clearly over threw the receiver

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He’s definitely a far cry from Weeden and Rudolph.

Hunziker said he was held. TV camera didn’t show it

Or Gunnar or Rangel…

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Hell yea win or lose in the game today we have a big win when those ass H%les are gone

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Too easy of a catch for the ticket master there (Farooq).

Yep….giving up the big play. That was 3rd and 13 btw.

but got the takeaway

As I expected they are defending the run game.

They’re going to load the box. Send five wide and keep dunking them to death with crossing routes and misdirection until they change what they’re doing.

Great 4th down call.

OSU actually playing to win

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Decent 1st Q. D has got to tighten things up.

Yea my hope is we break open the flood gates with the running game and we destroy them. go pokes!!!


D has to keep us in the game. The O has got to stay patient and stay balanced. Wear em out in the 4th qtr. No mistakes