Bedlam Carries Big Stakes for the Big 12 Title Race

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The Sooners and Cowboys head into Bedlam with best odds to win the Big 12.

I think the only way we get in with a loss is if the ISU/Texas winner loses a game outside of that, correct? I’m pretty sure if we lose, ISU or Texas winning out puts them in over us.

Gosh, why am I thinking we’re going to get blown out. I just feel it coming. This could be 2-3 touchdowns.

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Cowboy offense has been stagnant and OU’s goes for home runs. Sometimes a weak link in the Cowboy D are the big chunk plays. Maybe the Cowboy OL will surprise me. I can easily see why you feel that way. Hope we are wrong.

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I guess we could talk about it. Based on historical data though there is about an 85 percent chance OSU loses bedlam.

OU more than likely is going to win out. I don’t see ISU losing to K State. I don’t think Texas is very good and Iowa State can still beat them. Even if Texas were to win it’s still going to keep Iowa State and Texas in the conversation with OSU from the outside looking in.

I think the likely scenario is OU vs ISU or OU vs Texas in the Big 12 title game. OSU will finish 3rd or lower and go to a normal bowl game. Once again it will be the same story as it always is and just a different year.

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Depends on how the iSU ksu game goes. If we lose and isu loses making the four us2 loses with Texas and ou in the driver’s seat.if we lose and Texas, then isu and ou r leading but the isu Texas game is not till next week.

The main problem is IF we lose ou still has to go to Morgantown. We still must remember ou has only 1 win versus the top 6.

What that really means ou took 3 overtime to salvage their sole win against a winning team .

That IF is in the 15th percentile.

Need to stay away u know math is hard for u

Apparently you don’t understand that a Gundy equation of 15.7 percent success rate against OU isn’t very good.

I never understand u , ur rite

U r the one who thinks ku paying more then 3 million for 10 loses is a good deal.

And ou 1 win to winning team makes them a juggernaut.

It’s his 2nd year and not his 16th. They should fly Les Miles down to Norman tomorrow night and let him coach Bedlam since he knows what it takes to beat OU.

It is miles 16th yr over all god u really r in love.

Not 15.7 it’s 13.3.

Gosh @jon2, being a Sooner & all, that must be a horrible feeling…like you’re going to lose by 2-3 touchdowns. Can’t say that I feel like we Cowboys are going to win, but it’ll be fun to watch! Go Pokes!