Bedlam Grades: Coaching, QB Play Earn Poor Marks in Ugly Loss

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It’s not a pretty report card.

We all knew this was going to happen. Gundy stood there, arms crossed not engaging with his players, showing no emotion whatsoever. Meanwhile Riley is over there firing up his team. We had 38 secs, down 14 and all timeouts remaining we run the clock out? I mean not even an attempt at something? Anything? Then in the 4th quarter we punt on there 39 while down 21 points? Wtf? Are we just showing up to just be there? Its time for Gundy to go. Outcouched everytime. This is pathetic. Our playcalling sucks, our plays suck but yet we great players that need better coaching. If OU had our guys, they’d be undefeated. Riley was right “you cant play a big time opponent conservative”. And we definitely became the hunted


I dont mean to kick when down but sorry, just cant let that one go by. “If ou had our players they would be undefeated”? Really? I could count on one hand the number of osu players who would see the field at ou, let alone start. Thats just reality.

And think, won’t be as good next year.

Put it this way then: Give Gundy OU’s roster. Give Lincoln OSU’s roster. Who would you bet on if the coaches simply switched teams?
Pokes by 10 easy. Lincoln is that much better than Gundy. Already. And it’s not changing.


I agree, Gundy cant hold Riley’s clipboard. Not even close. But even good coaches have to have the players. Would you agree with the statement’
“If alabama had ou’s players they would win the nc”. I wouldn’t. And the talent gap between ou and bama isnt as big as ou and osu. Imho

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I disagree 1000%. You greatly over exaggerate ou’s talent advantage. Excuses.

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Nope. Riley would win that game by 30. The problem is the coaching not the players

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Chuba was THE BEST RB in the country last year. And Tylan is considered the best wr in the country.


“We got beat by a better team.” - Mike Gundy

“We wanted to be the hunter not the hunted.”- Lincoln Riley

Actual quotes from the post game.

This team takes on the personality of the head coach…and it failed


Not the QBs’ fault at all nor any other players. We have the best roster in the Big 12 this season, but hardly any evidence of that besides barely beating one of the bottom teams of the conference, i.e. K-State. We’ll probably barely beat or lose to TTU and Baylor.

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I hope you’re not a coach cause you’re not real good at spotting talent, LOL.

One touchdown each of the last two years.

How is this true? Lincoln has 5 stars remember?

Wow I wish I would’ve seen this statement last year what a joke you are if you believe this garbage

Right. So then Gundy would have Linc’s 5-star guys. That’d be amazing if he knew what to do with them. In his 17 years as the head man, Gundy has landed exactly two 5-stars. Neither Bobby Reid nor Herschel Sims ever played for a conference title. Or an NY6 bowl. Neither one ever played a single smap in the NFL. Gundy has done less with more than anyone in Cowboy football history.

Herschel sims wasn’t a 5 star

Yes, he was. Maybe not consensus, but he was a 5-star.

If you say so lol

4 star according to ESPN, 247, rivals and 247 composite so idk where he would’ve been a 5 star at