Bedlam Grades: There Was the First Quarter, Then There was Everything Else

Originally published at: Bedlam Grades: There Was the First Quarter, Then There was Everything Else | Pistols Firing

It’s not great!

C is way too ■■■■ generous for gundy. D- is the absolute highest he should get. He failed and failed hard.

  1. What has OL Coach Dickey done in the last 3 years? I thought Dickey was going to really build the Cowboys a nice offensive line, but the reality is that they cannot get much push up front.
  2. Can some explain to me how John Paul Richardson was called for intentional grounding in the red zone? He was outside the tackle box and threw the ball past the goal line. If we would have scored there, the complexion of the game would have changed somewhat.
  3. Sanders 67 pass attempts is surely a school record. Add in 6 sacks and another what at least 7 scrambles and that is 80 called passing plays, no wonder he was sacked 6 times.
  4. 103 offensive plays by OSU. Where does that stand in Cowboy history?
  5. Cowboys had 6 drives in the game over 50+ yards, but only scored on 2 of them.
  6. Sooners were 1-14 on third down, however they only faced third down once in the first quarter where….
  7. Sooners lose DL La’ulu, Johnson, Coe and Redmond and Kelly Jordan all went through Senior day activities. Unless Venables can produce a miracle in the portal expect for sooner DL to continue in mediocrity…not that OSU will take advantage of that. Of Sooners 5 losses all those opponents rushed for over 200 yards each. I knew going in, we had almost no chance of achieving that standard.
  8. Eric Gray was 20-90 rushing. Take away his 35 yard long and he was 19-55 or 2.89 per carry. That was a very good effort against the sooner OL, would have loved what might have happened if Tyler Lacy played.
  9. How many times did Sanders almost throw an interception? 5, 6 more!?
  10. Bedlam, as much as it haunts me, I don’t think I will view the season the same without it. Sure playing TCU and Baylor are interesting games, but without our ultimate villain will it feel the same? If we win the future B12 without playing Ou will OSU fans still feel the same sense of accomplishment?
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When you throw high and into double coverage it’s more than likely getting pick. Sanders is lucky that more of his passes weren’t picked off.

Maybe it’s time to take a scholly back from defense and beef up the O-line…