Bedlam History: Every Score in the Rivalry Series Since 1904

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A full blast into the Bedlam past ahead of this weekend.

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The good thing about history is in the word . It’s just that. HISTORY! I hate it there isn’t more in the win column for oSu but many times we have had the better team on the field and came away with a loss. I sure hope we send them back to Norman with a loss. We have the better team. Now to just execute. Every time the Gooner fans bring up the record I ask them if they are going to have those past teams on the field this year? All they need to do is step inside GIA and see the 52 banners. Football is just a game… For young people no doubt.

Not sure how many Bedlams we have left, but despite the lopsided record, wouldn’t it be fun to leave a bad taste in the mouth of OU players and fans and beat them before they depart for the SEC!

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